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On Using Duct Tape To Hang A Picture (part 2)


In my last posting, I discussed the issues with using consumer cloud services to exchange valuable business assets. Never one to be problem-focused, I’m back with a solution…

I’m a big believer in using the right tool for the job at hand. Using duct tape to hang a picture on a wall is maybe what you need to resort to if you don’t have a hammer and the right sort of nails. It works, but it’s awfully ugly. In the Information Exchange space, when it comes to being able to conveniently and safely exchange large content, perhaps there was a need for duct tape years ago, but today, we have the right tools, we have amazing tools – meaning we don’t have to resort to “ugly”.

Take OpenText Secure MFT for example: It is designed precisely for the purpose of exchanging large content between users – it makes the process incredibly easy and secure.

It’s easy because whether the user wants to use a tool they are familiar with and use a lot already (Microsoft Outlook or Windows Explorer) or whether they want to be able to use a web browser without any software installed at all, Secure MFT makes sending and receiving content something that can be done with just a few clicks of a button.

It’s secure because Secure MFT is about getting information to someone else – not about storing it permanently outside of an enterprise’s gated network. It’s file retention policies and ability to perform recalls, mean that absolute control is retained over where and how long data is stored. Because it integrates with enterprise user directories, who has access to the information is controlled as well. And finally, Secure MFT’s rich auditing mechanism means the organization has access to an overall view of how it’s information is being used and accessed.

Of course, all of this information is encrypted during transfer and at rest so the rest of the world can’t get access to it.

As if this weren’t enough, Secure MFT can make information really fast too. Time is money and most cloud storage services weren’t built for speed, they were built to make it easy to store lots of “stuff”. Secure MFT’s acceleration protocol (OpenText Fuel) can decrease the time it takes to perform large file exchanges dramatically – especially over distance or troublesome networks.
Transfers can take place at speeds up to ​80X​ faster than legacy mechanisms inclding FTP and Email.

You can find out more about Secure MFT here.

It really is time to throw out that duct tape and use the best tools for the job – our valuable data is at stake – and worth it.


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Jonathan Carroll

Jonathan is a Senior Director in R&D at OpenText.

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