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Notifications: The Hurricane Sandy Litmus Test

As Hurricane Sandy arrives in the Northeast part of the country where I workout of an OpenText EasyLink office, the spotlight turns squarely onorganizations who have customers that will be impacted. Step up to the plateutilities, government agencies, airlines, mass transit, schools, hospitals andmany others because millions of customers are awaiting information right now. Notificationsis an important part of the future of Secure Information Exchange, and thus akey piece of the OpenText EasyLink merger that we’re excited to grow.

If you’re responsible for managing customer notifications for yourorganization, you understandably might be a little stressed about overwhelmedcall centers, infrastructure that is not up to the task of reaching yourcustomers in the way that they want (voice, text, email) and not having thebandwidth to handle true emergency situations. Hurricane Sandy is a live litmustest for the quality of an organization’s notifications capability. If youcannot effectively and efficiently communicate with your customers during amajor event like a hurricane, then your organization should reconsider theirstrategy.

It is reality today to be able to scale automated, customized notificationsacross geographies and take the burden off your call centers so they can focuson high priority items rather than the informational. Executing through theCloud means you can do it cost effectively and get your notifications deployedrapidly. Before winter storm season is actually upon us you can make yourcustomer notifications group best-in-class.

Good luck to everyone over the next few days staying safe out there. Pleaseshare any feedback by tweeting to @faxsolutions or leaving a comment.

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Lisa Grankowski

Lisa is in the OpenText Business Network Marketing team.

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