Next-Generation quality monitoring for the contact center

Online event in collaboration with Saddletree Research

Coaching employees to deliver an amazing customer experience isn’t as easy a pat on the back and a “that-a-boy” comment on a monitoring form.  Coaching requires thoughtful insights and an objective and meaningful conversation about performance – past and present.

As a former contact center quality leader, I often heard phrases like these at the moment an employee’s performance was questioned:

  • “I NEVER do that, I ALWAYS do it the right way!”
  • “This is unfair!”
  • “How do I compare to my team?”
  • “You caught me on a bad call.”
  • “The customer probably didn’t even notice.”

These type of comments represent a real concern for the employee and a real or perceived challenge for the coach to answer.  So what is the solution?  Is AI-enabled coaching ready for prime time?  Do coaches in your contact center have the visibility to the data needed to answer these questions AND drive employee satisfaction?

Now is the time

As buzzwords like machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) swirl around our industry, now is the time to look beyond the hype and discover real solutions to strengthen quality monitoring (QM) methods that drive cross-generational employee engagement.  Traditional scorecards and subsequent coaching processes are inherently flawed and now is also the time to upgrade the employee, and evaluator, coaching experience.  Answering these questions during a coaching session can dramatically motivate your employees through coaching that is relevant, essential and truly drives change.

Are you ready?

Listen to this online webinar and demonstration to hear from Paul Stockford, Chief Analyst at Saddletree Research, on the importance of enhancing the employee’s experience through coaching.  This topic couldn’t be more timely for today’s workforce.

In fact, demand-based research conducted by Saddletree, in conjunction with the National Association of Call Centers (NACC) at Middle Tennessee State University (MTSU), reveals:

82% of the industry considers employee engagement to be a “Highly Important” consideration for 2018

Hear more insights from Paul’s research and also see a demonstration to uncover the power of innovative solutions to:

  • See how on-the-fly performance management embedded in quality management can reduce the headaches of a two-system approach to relevant coaching
  • Find out how collecting the voice of the customer through surveys and analytics can be used to drive employee engagement
  • Learn how to setup and design auto-scored evaluation questions based on speech analytics to increase scoring confidence and save time

Next-Generation Quality Monitoring for the Contact Center

Click here to listen

Lorne Wood

With over 25 years of contact center leadership experience, and as a former Qfiniti customer, Lorne is well placed to blog about contact center best practices and the best use of workforce optimization products in contact centers today.

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