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Never work with children or animals …. or a robot

That and 5 other things I learned at Enterprise World 2017

I started this at four in the morning still jet lagged, and there’s an image I can’t get out of my head. It’s OpenText’s CEO & CTO Mark Barrenechea sharing his keynote address with a robot. All eyes were on the robot!

In the super-fast world of technology nothing seems unusual these days and some of the solutions on show during Enterprise World #OTEW2017 were amazing.

So I thought I’d just share a few of the things I learned this year.

1. Keynotes speakers , and their customer guests, are inspiring and bring lots of ideas to the table.
Leaving aside the show-stealing robot, Mark Barrenechea‘s presentation was packed with vision and inspiration. His main theme this year was the rapid advances made in disruptive technologies such as robotics and machine learning and the focus this places on the intelligent use of the data created. Cognitive analytics isn’t the future, it’s here today. The launch of Magellan places OpenText at the forefront of delivering intelligent insight to the right people to make informed decisions.

This was brilliantly illustrated during a keynote chat with Kristijan Jarc, VP of Digital, KUKA. He described how data from robots is collected in the KUKA cloud and processed by OpenText solutions to deliver dashboard information and insight. Then on came iiwa, the KUKA robot, and gave us a live demonstration – sending information live to the Cloud where OpenText analysed the data in real-time and displayed the results instantly though an analytics dashboard.

Mr Jarc took this one step further outlining how OpenText technology is helping KUKA’s business today. OpenText manages data and files related to KUKA robots while analytics monitors the “health” of the robot. Kuka is gathering case information that can be compared with previous collected information for fault diagnosis, predictive maintenance and – with machine learning and cognitive analytics – prescriptive maintenance in the future. Watch our 2017 Keynote Presentations here.

2. Attend lots of customer and product presentations, and Expo demonstrations.
Enterprise World as always had substantial product training, updates and demonstrations. Significant product news this year was the strengthening of our Content Services capabilities, which seemed to have gone down well judging by the attendance of the Documentum user community. There are always plenty of giveaways at these events. Two I noted were in the style of “Dummies Guides” EIM in the Cloud and Trading Grid Analytics. Easy and informative reading on the flight home. Look out for the downloads coming soon. Analytics has become ubiquitous with Digital Transformation and there was a lot of interest so it was great that the launch of Magellan adds AI assisted Analytics to our capabilities.

3. Meet as many delegates as possible, you’ll be blown away by what they’re doing
First and foremost, Enterprise World is a customer event. There were a number of keynote and show presentations where customers shared experience and insights. It is a great chance for customers to meet peers and catch up with old friends. I made a number of new contacts and caught up with existing friends as well. I was very grateful to our customer Distell who travelled from South Africa to present their DX journey to date. They’re experiencing many benefits through their enhanced Document Services implementation that is integrated with the company’s Project Management capabilities. Other presentations I would highlight were the Analytics in Manufacturing insights of Knorr Bremse, North Star Bluescope Steel, and iTAC.

4. Meet Partners and begin developing closer links to do great things together.
There was over 400 Opentext partners in attendance and, as well as the general conference, there was a dedicated two day Partner event. I have to make a particular call out of thanks to Kinematik and EoH who I am working with ever closer. Partner participation is so important because enterprise computing today is so huge that no one supplier can hope to claim to provide a single solution. Large companies need their IT providers to work closely and openly together to provide joint solutions that address real industry pain points.

5. Have the OpenText Industry team together in one place at the same time!
The old joke with Michael and Janet Jackson was that you never saw them in the one room at the same time. The same could be said of the OpenText Industry team. We’re usually travelling the globe to spend time with customers. So, Enterprise World is a rare opportunity to see us all together. The strong attendance in our industry-focused groups show that companies are keen to engage with OpenText at an industry level to help support them as they advance in their Digital Transformation strategies.

Well, there are five reasons, I can think of many more, why companies should attend conferences like Enterprise World. Your business is investing a lot in strategic technology solutions and I think you should seize every opportunity to take advantage of this global networking event. You won’t be surprised that planning is already underway to make Enterprise World 2018 bigger and better than ever. If you missed this year, why not make a note in your diary for next year now? Watch out for #OTEW2018

I’ll be there and, frankly, I can’t wait to see how we’re going to top a robot!

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Tom Leeson

Tom is Industry Marketing Strategist for the Manufacturing Sector globally. An Engineer by Trade, and Mathematician by Education, Tom’s entire career has been spent in Engineering, Manufacturing and IT helping customers digitally transform their business and their manufacturing sector. With Industry 4.0 and the Industrial Internet of Things, Manufacturing lives in exciting times, so there is much to talk about.

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