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Need a guide for your artificial intelligence journey?

Cognitive solutions by OpenText

OpenText™ Professional Services has been a trusted partner to its customers for over 25 years. We have worked with customers on their Enterprise Content Management, Business Process Management and Customer Experience Management solutions which have generated a sizable amount of Big Data and Big Content.

As we enter the world of Cognitive Computing, we are ready to advise, guide and assist our customers on Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML) and our Magellan Platform, leveraging all this information created over decades. Our data scientists and our computational linguists are engaging with EIM customers’ multiple use cases covering structured, semi-structured and unstructured data. But where do you start for customers who have decided on AI to optimize their business or ensure their competitiveness?

Where to start

The OpenText AI Business Strategy Workshop brings our EIM & cognitive experts together with your business team to explore business automation opportunities for an organization. We help our customers, no matter the sector of activity or vertical, define an initial use case within their organization for their first steps in the world of artificial intelligence.  The AI Business Strategy Workshop aims to define a successful project for an initial win with AI.

Going further with AI

For customers who are ready for the next step, OpenText’s Cognitive Strategy Workshop provides a more comprehensive strategy for customers looking to mature their AI business strategy. It considers a maturity model for getting insight from structured data and unstructured content, as well as understanding data models and algorithms an organization will apply to gain insights.

Over a series of blogs, the OpenText Professional Services team looks forward to discussing data, algorithms, semantic metadata, data discovery techniques, sentiment analysis, validating ML results and much more.

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Marc St-Pierre

Marc is VP of Consulting Services in the Ai + LegalTech + Security practice. For the last 10 years, Marc has led Services groups for Analytics and Semantic technologies specializing in artificial intelligence and understanding unstructured data.

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