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National Signing Day: Fax’s Time Honored Tradition

I thought last week’s National Signing Day for prospective college football players was interesting. Was it because my alma mater secured the nation’s top recruit? No. Well the program at least locked in a Top 10 recruiting class, right? We were close, but no. I bet you’re asking what the big deal is then. For me, what else about National Signing Day is worth getting excited about?

Yes, fax. Fax plays a key role in National Signing Day; high school recruits across the country will use fax to declare where they’ll play college football next season. It’s a unique paradox because fax is so prominent this time of year yet the general perception is that the technology is dead. In fact, faxing on National Signing Day is a time honored tradition that continues despite the fact high school recruits can actually email their letters of intent to their respective colleges of choice (keep in mind they could also fax via email using OpenText Fax2Mail).

This is just another example of fax’s longevity with regards to exchanging important information, and college football is considered very important in my culture. You wouldn’t think the primary source of so much national interest and revenue started with a faxed document. That’s why I think National Signing Day is a big.
It’s an annual reminder of how relevant fax still is in so many places.

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