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My work, my way: Life as a Principal Systems Engineer at OpenText

You never know where your first work experiences might lead you. Matthias Specht, Principal Systems Engineer, started his career with OpenText™ in 2003 as an intern.

Today, 15 years later, Matthias continues to enjoy OpenText because of the large clients his development work supports, the challenging projects he works on, and the kind colleagues he works with.

In this Q&A, Matthias shares more about what keeps him motivated as an engineer at OpenText and how the OpenText culture creates opportunities to work with the best and brightest in the industry—both colleagues and customers.

Can you describe your career journey with OpenText to date?

I first joined OpenText as an intern. And here I am now, still with the company after 15 years!

In that time, I’ve worked on a number of product lines and countless different projects. That’s one of the best things about working at OpenText—we have so many products and solutions that you can get a wide range of experiences without having to switch companies.

What product areas have you worked on?

My work has focused around the following areas and projects to date:

  • OpenText Archive Server (which became OpenText™ Archive Center when it migrated to the Cloud): this was a fun challenge because I was involved in modernizing Archive Server. I updated the older architecture and worked on building a new server from scratch.
  • Content Management Interoperability Services (CMIS): I worked on updating and adding the CMIS interface to the OpenText Archive Server to improve the customer’s experience with our product.
  • OpenText™ Extended ECM for Government: This is the product area I currently work in. This is the solution for Extended ECM family that has special features intended just for government clients. I work on developing these features and building out the UI so it’s as friendly and useful for the client as possible.

You joined as an intern. Can you share more about that experience?

In Germany, we have two co-op terms spent as working students during our studies. I spent my first term with Siemens in a very technical role, before moving to OpenText for my next internship.

What really stood out to me about my experience with OpenText was the fact that I had more involvement on the business side of things. Rather than focusing solely on the programming work, I had more insight into the context around what we were building and why.

And that hasn’t changed! This is still one of the things that I enjoy most about working here and one of my reasons for building my career with OpenText for the long term.

What made you decide to join full-time?

There were a few reasons: First, I really liked the environment at the OpenText office in Grasbrunn [the OpenText EMEA headquarters, just outside of Munich]. It’s a very nice office, but more than that, my colleagues here are wonderful. I really respect them because they are highly motivated, skilled, and approachable. I could come to them with any questions as a student, and today this is something that I still see as an important part of our culture.

I also liked that with OpenText I had the chance to work on the server and enterprise development side of things for very large and well-known clients. The clients were interesting and I’m more passionate about the backend development work than the front-end or UI programming.

I like the nature of the work, and I also like that we have insight into the business context behind why we take on projects—I like knowing what client objectives and goals we are addressing and how they are influencing the work I’m doing.

How would you describe the culture at OpenText?

OpenText has a results and performance-focused culture. What I like about this is that it attracts some of the brightest people to work on the team, and it helps us to attract and work with some of the best brands in the world as customers.

While we are very results-focused here, I think there is also a lot of freedom in how we achieve those results. That flexibility in how we get work done really characterizes our culture, too.

In terms of the people, everyone is very approachable in my experience. You can ask anyone about anything. Our developer team is full of really great people, which makes it fun to get things done together.

Interested in learning more about OpenText careers and culture? Take a look at our past blog posts and visit the OpenText careers site for more information.

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