Moving at the Speed of Cloud: Innovation, Insight, and Integration in the OpenText Cloud

As customers look to their digital transformation they are increasingly looking to the cloud to provide them with agile business options and improved productivity while maintaining control of their critical information assets. At OpenText, we provide cloud and hybrid cloud options with seamless movement between on-premises and cloud. Here is a look at some of the recent and emerging cloud innovations:


Our growth in SaaS apps is significant, from advances in existing SaaS applications such as OpenText Core with many new features including Outlook® integration, AD Synch, and Content Suite integration. Archive Center with Exchange online support, file system, and email handling as well as CMIS and custom file support. And there are new SaaS offerings such as PowerDocs, which drives customized document creation, to iHub bringing easily purchased and deployed analytics for any data source.

There are new, simple to buy, and easy to deploy standard Managed Cloud Services Packages (MCS). MCS offerings provide complete flexibility to have custom configurations and choices within cloud and hybrid cloud implementations. Now there are also simple standard offerings in Content Suite Cloud Edition, Media Management Cloud Edition, and Big Data Analytics in the cloud. These standard packages have a range of options for service level, functionality, and capacity growth. They are available today with currently shipping products and will also be a part of the Cloud 16 release.

Industry solutions and features sets have been added in the cloud. Healthcare Direct for RightFax, which will soon be available with Fax2Mail, provides the ability to translate fax transmissions into direct messages so customers can comply with recent US healthcare legislation and not have to change their business processes. ROSMA addresses Procurement Performance Management, and Core has added features requested by legal and professional services organizations.


As we amass greater and greater volumes of information, both structured and unstructured, gaining a true understanding of what the information shows becomes increasing challenging. That is where analytics comes in. Big Data Analytics in the cloud and iHub provide analytics services and allow customers to create their own analytics reporting without the need to have a data scientist on staff.

Analytics has been embedded and/or integrated with all of the EIM Suites to provide that insight for customers. The Trading Grid will provide business analytics and logistics Track and Trace for supply chain shipment visibility. Analysis on content and processes is provided through integration with Content Suite and Process Suite. Analytics as a Service in the Cloud allows customers to “bring their own data” and very quickly begin to analyze it and gain insights that can drive their business.


We believe it is a hybrid world, and customers need to have the flexibility to integrate their cloud systems with on-premises systems. We provide complete flexibility to integrate with any system on-premises, in the OpenText Cloud, and with other clouds. Many of our Managed Cloud Services customers choose hybrid implementations. Recent innovations in this area include Archive Center CE with SAP® integration and integrations with SAP Hana and S/4Hana.  There is also a new integration that brings the power of ECM together with Salesforce®.

In the OpenText Cloud, customers can have integrations across EIM suites and with their other systems on-premises or in other clouds or operated and fully managed in our cloud. We see an increasing number of customers taking advantage of this option.

Cloud 16


While some of this innovation is available today, most of it comes together in the Cloud 16 release that consolidates suites and applications in five major areas. This release will be followed by quarterly releases that bring innovations to customers on a more frequent basis.

OpenText Content Cloud 16 provides information governance options that are quickly and easily deployed and fully managed in cloud and hybrid cloud scenarios.

The Experience Cloud 16 empowers businesses to increase user engagement and improve customer satisfaction while avoiding time spent on managing applications or infrastructure.

OpenText Process Cloud 16 enables businesses to rapidly automate their business processes and have the platform managed by EIM specialists in the OpenText Cloud.

OpenText Analytics Cloud 16 provides embedded analytics for EIM applications and for custom content sources fully managed by EIM experts in the OpenText Cloud.

OpenText Business Network 16 provides a B2B integration platform for managing transactions such as EDI and On Demand messaging with platform services and Managed Services options.

Customers can try beta versions of Cloud 16 now, and it will be released in March 2016 and then enjoy ongoing quarterly releases of new innovations. We are moving at the speed of cloud to bring innovative solutions to business challenges.

Lynn Elwood

Lynn is VP Cloud & Services Solutions. A Computer Scientist by training, Lynn is focused on bringing software and services together with cloud, on-premises and hybrid options to provide measurable benefits for organizations around the world.

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