Why Migrate to Documentum D2?

Like many of our long-time Documentum customers, you may be considering the idea of moving your applications to Documentum D2 from an established, highly customized, Webtop platform.

It could be that you’ve considered this option in the past, and come to the decision to stay put, or continued upgrading Webtop versions to keep pace with Documentum Content Server upgrades, but otherwise making as few changes as possible.

If any of this applies to you and your organization, here are a few key thoughts for your considerations.

D2 Changes the Total Cost of Ownership Game

One of the striking advantages of a D2 application versus a Webtop application is that upgrades become much easier, and keeping up to date with product development and patches becomes so much easier, because D2 applications are constructed in the configuration framework, and upgrade of the D2 platform does not require ANY work on the configuration.

Customers choose their products based on complex weighted matrices of technical considerations, comparing functional details, platform characteristics and implementation approaches before establishing a platform standard within the organization for Enterprise Content Management (ECM). The goal is to standardize on platforms to seamlessly integrate information from different areas of the organization. A noble intent, no doubt. In practical terms, however, this leads more often than not to shelfware – products purchased but never implemented.

These days, the goal is more likely to be user acceptance, or better put – user adoption – making users happy and productive. The business side now typically drives decisions about which products and solutions will be implemented, and this makes total sense: Users must derive a business benefit from any implementation, otherwise, why implement? So the focus now is more on User Experience in terms of ease of adoption (including level of training needed), ease of use, speed of use – essentially, does the solution drive productivity or hinder it?

Webtop is a fully-functional ECM client – but most users are focused on specific tasks. Too often, the complexity of the tool gets in the way of what the user is really trying to achieve. OpenText™ Documentum D2 allows the customer to build a task-oriented workspace with a best possible user experience, driving productivity for end users and the organization.

Overall – Documentum D2 can help to change the game of ECM in your organization from a burden to IT into a boon for business productivity.

Why wait? Migrate!

OpenText’s Professional Services team are veterans of many, many customer migrations and can provide the support and guidance you need to make a success of your migration project, talk to the experts to get the best possible advice about why to migrate, what to migrate, and most importantly, how to migrate.

Chris Dyde

Chris Dyde is the worldwide leader of the Architecture Practice for OpenText Professional Services. He has 25 years of experience in enterprise content management, including 20 years with Documentum, EMC Enterprise Content Division and OpenText.

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