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Michael’s OpenText story: Choosing my path

Unfolding possibilities 

Since choosing to join OpenText back in 2012, I’ve had a whirlwind career journey. I’ve been promoted, I’ve been recognized for my hard work, and I’ve learned a lot about what makes me happy.

I originally joined the company as an Associate Billing Analyst, creating monthly and annual invoices for clients. I worked very closely with Collections and Accounts Receivable to make sure that all areas of billing were well connected.

A few years into my role with OpenText, I was promoted to Intermediate Sales Support Specialist. This was my chance to conquer tougher challenges and take advantage of exciting new opportunities within the company.

Today I focus on resolving issues that might require quick resolution so that our customers can relax and benefit from their OpenText products.

During my time here, I’ve had the chance to participate in a number of amazing opportunities and have been rewarded for my involvement. I’ve received the ‘Change Champion Award’ for work on a special internal project; the ‘Excellence Award’ for customer service; and the ‘Innovation Award’ for process-based improvements.

Balancing work and play

Beyond the challenging work and recognition, the other reason OpenText is a good fit for me is because of the work-life balance I enjoy here.

OpenText puts on great events for employees. I always look forward to participating in the varied special events and activities that the social committee in the Philippines organizes on a monthly basis.

My favourite event is probably the Year-End Party! This is something a lot of companies celebrate in the Philippines; but those other companies celebrations don’t come close to the party hosted by OpenText.

Re-defining success 

Now that I’ve been with OpenText for five years and have moved closer to what was once my career goal, I need to re-examine and set new goals that are greater than the previous ones. I am working hard to gain the skills and knowledge to be able to continue advancing here – because I’ve observed that anything is possible at OpenText if you work hard enough and build the right skills.

For all of these reasons, I know I’m making choices now for my career and life that I will look back on and feel proud about. I am positive that OpenText continues to be the right choice for me.

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