Meet The OpenText Experts: Marco de Vries

Today in Meet the Experts, I speak with Marco de Vries. Marco is the Senior Director of Product Marketing for OpenText™ Business Network.

Marco de Vries
Marco de Vries
Senior Director of Product Marketing for OpenText Business Network

What excites you most about the industry right now?

The Internet of Things (IoT). It’s a broad term and concept, but it will have a profound impact on the supply chain, and other business processes. Data movement, integration and analytics are the key to success. There are many IoT use cases that OpenText customers already have a jump start on, because we have the platform required to enable these customer use cases.

What does the digital world mean to you?

Business as usual isn’t an option. Information is now the currency of the digital economy. Organizations must capture, integrate, share and collaborate with more information than ever before. It means building generative ecosystems and communities of interest. The only way to get there is with a complete digital platform like the OpenText digital platform.

Are you ready for Enterprise World, Nashville and why?

Is Nashville ready for us… that is the question! Yes, I am ready with a plan for how we are adding more value for our B2B and fax customers than ever before.

Why is this going to be the best Enterprise World yet?

It’s all about the customer at Enterprise World. For our fax customers, we have 15 focused sessions led by our product and support experts. Add another 28 sessions on B2B for a total of 43 total breakouts for Business Network. This year, Enterprise World is about offering value for all OpenText customers.

What will customers learn about your product area at the event?

Customers will see our product roadmaps, get the top 5 best practices for their products, tips and tricks on how to optimize their solutions, and much more.

What will you be showcasing/ demonstrating?

We’re especially excited to demonstrate Trading Grid Analytics, the new solution that embeds OpenText™Analytics for business intelligence with Trading Grid, the leading platform for B2B integration.

What are the must see sessions on your product area?

• B2B-105 From Zero to Hero: How MillerCoors Transformed Its Supply Chain
• B2B-106 Adopting the Power of ‘Marginal Gains’ for Improved B2B Integration
• Fax-205 Meet the Total RightFax Solution
• Fax-208 RightFax Customer Panel: Peer Best Practice Sharing

And, finally, what is your favorite country singer/ song?

I’d have to Google a guess. Nothing wrong with country, but it’s not my style. Wait, does Taylor Swift count? Most of her songs are pretty good – but I don’t think they qualify as country.

Still not signed up for OpenText Enterprise World? Here is your chance to register!

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