Meet the OpenText Experts: John Radko

Today in Meet the Experts, we caught up with John Radko. John is the Vice President of Product Development for the OpenText Business Network.


John Radko
VP Product Development,
OpenText Business Network

What excites you most about the industry right now?

Our business and our customers’ businesses are in transition, and we have the opportunity to help them navigate that transition.  There is so much new technology and so many new ways of doing business, but trading communities are still struggling to rapidly share important information in real time – that is our sweet spot.

What does the digital world mean to you?

I think the most impactful part of the digital world is where it empowers people.  When technology can get people the right information and context at the right time for them to apply judgement then that is powerful.  But digital technology also has to liberate people from routine processes, or they’ll never have the time to address the key issues in front of them.

Are you ready for Nashville and why?

Absolutely – I’m looking forward to meeting as many customers as possible, and learning how we can help them better collaborate with their business partners.  I’m also eager to share where the OpenText Business Network is going for a technical and business perspective.

Why is this going to be the best Enterprise World yet?

OpenText is bigger and better at each Enterprise World, as a result of our organic product development and our acquisitions.  For OpenText Business Network, this is our first Enterprise World since the release of Trading Grid Analytics, and our enhanced offerings for Fax/Notification in Europe and the expanded road map for Managed Services.

What will customers learn about our products at the event?

There was a huge focus on the Cloud 16 and Suite 16 launch at the last Enterprise World; this time I think customers will get much more insight into what is coming next.

What are the must see sessions in your opinion?

Top of the list are Mark and Muhi’s keynotes, as they provide the top level strategic view, and insight into what they see as the key market issues

In terms of breakouts, I recommend everyone attend the core roadmap talk for any product they are currently a customer of (like B2B-202,203,204 and FAX-203 and 207), and then prioritize customer case studies (like Miller Coors in B2B-105, or Key Bank in B2B-108) and big picture strategic themes (like IoT, B2B-107)

And, finally, what is your favorite country singer/ song?

Overall, probably Johnny Cash, but the only country singer on my current playlist is Sam Hunt.

Thanks John! Don’t forget to register for Enterprise World to hear more from our experts.

Robin Lane

Robin is OpenText’s Senior Manager of PR & Social Media. She heads up OpenText’s brand journalism strategy, working across the organization to help tell all facets of the OpenText story. Over the years, Robin has put her passion for writing to work for many leading technology companies to launch and manage their branding and digital media initiatives.

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