Meet the Experts: Mark Gamble

Who’s ready to meet another OpenText Expert?  Well today in Meet the Experts, Mark Gamble gives us his thoughts. Mark is the Senior Director of OpenText Analytics Technical Marketing.

Mark Gamble
Senior Director,
OpenText Analytics Technical Marketing

What excites you most about the industry right now?

Big data analysis and BI is extremely exciting now, mostly because enterprises are realizing that analytics is a key to business success, and that it needs to be an integral part of any digitization effort. Digitizing inherently creates data, which can then be measured and mined and put to use to improve operations and customer engagement.

What does the digital world mean to you?

It means a world in which the entirety of consumer or social experience is consistently instantaneous and relevant. Digitizing information and processes, and harnessing analytics coalesce to yield a multitude of benefits – customers get product recommendations on their phones right when they need them, patients send medical stats to physicians from their wearable devices, sensors can instantly alert commuters to traffic backups , and the list goes on.

Are you ready for Nashville and why?

I’m ready to show off analytics demos and talk about customer case studies! We have planned several exciting analytics exclusives just for Enterprise World, including brand new Content Server Insight dashboards, IoT analytic apps, and ElectionTracker ’16. Make sure to visit us in the Expo Hall to see the cool stuff we built just for Nashville!

Why is this going to be the best Enterprise World yet?

This year’s event will be more focused on customer education than ever before. Our emphasis is to make the event a great learning experience for all attendees, who will leave armed with skills to apply in their own workplace immediately.

What will customers learn about our products at the event?

Analytics customers will learn how Analytics Suite 16 enables self-service data discovery, allowing users to upload, model and visualize data without IT assistance. Customers will also learn how to analyze unstructured data from raw text, and how to properly visualize the data with meaningful charts and graphs. Lastly, customers will learn the deeper nuances of advanced predictive analysis, as well as the finer points of API integration.

What are the must see sessions in your opinion?

A “dont miss” set of sessions is the Analytics Suite hands-on workshop, a 3-session series that walks progressively through several hands-on exercises. Students will get to perform predictive analysis then create visualizations and dashboards of their findings, all working with OpenText Analytics live product! There is simply no better way to learn about the Analytics Suite than to take it for a test drive, this is your chance! The sessions are ANA-200 through ANA-202 in your session program.

And, finally, who is your favorite country singer?

Thats easy: Johnny Cash. He’s the most rock-n-roll country singer of all time!

Well said Mark and don’t forget Enterprise World is full of OpenText experts, so sign up today.

Robin Lane

Robin is OpenText’s Senior Manager of PR & Social Media. She heads up OpenText’s brand journalism strategy, working across the organization to help tell all facets of the OpenText story. Over the years, Robin has put her passion for writing to work for many leading technology companies to launch and manage their branding and digital media initiatives.

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