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Maximize the Value of Maximo Information with Actuate BIRT

IBM Maximo uses Open Source BIRT as its embedded reporting tool in all Maximo 7 releases.  However, there are technical and financial benefits in using Actuate’s high performance, scalable BIRT iHub with Maximo instead of Open Source BIRT. Integration is accomplished using Maximo’s External Report Integration (ERI) option. This blog post describes the benefits of such a solution.

Improve Service

Companies using Actuate BIRT can improve service by enabling Maximo users to easily modify existing reports and create new reports. BIRT iHub provides two tools for this:

  • BIRT Interactive Viewer. This extension to the BIRT Viewer enables users to sort, filter, group and modify existing reports.
  • Report Studio.  This web-based, drag-and-drop tool enables users to create reports from scratch, including chart visualizations.

With these tools in users’ hands, IT can get out of the report-building process and dramatically reduce report backlogs.

Improve Performance

One of the main architectural changes between the Maximo 6 and Maximo 7 releases is the architecture behind embedded reporting. In Maximo 6, the embedded BIRT reports ran on a separate server, so users running and scheduling reports did not affect the performance of the Maximo application. With Maximo 7, the BIRT engine is embedded in the Maximo application and uses the same computing resources, so users running and scheduling reports affects Maximo performance. (This wiki has more information on how IBM embeds BIRT within Maximo.)

The alternative is to use BIRT iHub to run and schedule reports. With this configuration, running and scheduling reports does not affect the performance of Maximo. BIRT iHub is a purpose-built application, designed specifically to run BIRT reports in a high performance and scalable environment. By using BIRT iHub, your Maximo reports will run faster while providing additional functionality.

Enable Enterprise BI Capabilities

Using the technology built into BIRT iHub, you can enable enterprise BI capabilities:

  • Create and share customizable dashboards
  • Easily combine Maximo and non-Maximo data sources, including Big Data sources
  • Easily embed BIRT content in any application
  • Use a single, scalable platform for all BI needs

Reduce Cost

Using Actuate BIRT, you can reduce the cost of a Maximo implementation by extending reports to non-Maximo users. Additionally, you can reduce the total number of Maximo users by providing BIRT iHub access to users that require only report access to Maximo data.

Other cost savings can come from providing users with the ability to build and modify their own reports, which reduces IT costs while improving service to Maximo users.

Lastly, for customers who are currently on Maximo 6 and planning to upgrade, Actuate can continue and run Maximo 6 reports on Maximo 7 using ERI. This enables Maximo customers who are upgrading to reduce the cost of the upgrade by not having to migrate all their reports, and mitigates upgrade risks.

Improve Technical Support

By acquiring software from Actuate, you get outstanding technical support with direct access to Actuate’s BIRT experts. Actuate support  recently won its seventh consecutive Confirmit ACE (Achievement in Customer Excellence) Award.

Contact Actuate to learn more about the benefits of using BIRT iHub with IBM Maximo.

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