Making the Most of Your CCM Initiative: Taking a Centralized Approach

CCM DiagramCustomer Communications Management (CCM) can help build customer satisfaction and loyalty – but only if you do it right. And that begins with implementing the right CCM strategy.

In my previous post –  “How to Advance Your CCM Strategy: Recommendations for Enterprises”, I looked at recommendations that emerged in the InfoTrends white paper, Improve Your Enterprise Customer Communications Strategy in Five Vital Steps.

InfoTrends has identified 5 steps to making your CCM strategy more successful:

The first step: Taking a Centralized Approach to your CCM initiative.

Chances are, your company currently doesn’t create, produce or manage their customer communications centrally. In fact, most businesses don’t. Instead, they manage them by line of business (LOB) or department, where communicating with customers is a key business function. While this may be a popular way of approaching CCM, it’s not necessarily the method that works best. InfoTrends found that a more centralized approach to CCM is more effective, helping your organization in several ways:

– You get more out of your initiative. By taking a centralized approach, you can benefit more from the latest CCM technology, including channel preference management, data analytics and a synchronized experience between channels. Members are also better able to see and understand what exactly has already been communicated to a specific customer.
– You improve your ability to stay consistent. By seeing the whole picture, you can make sure brand, messaging and style remain consistent between departments.
– You can shorten the investment cycle. Having centralized experts in place to guide the initiative through the funding approval process can help push it through any red tape faster. What’s more, these experts are also able to articulate the benefits of investing in CCM, arguing its merits to anyone who needs convincing.

In my next blog post, I’ll look at the second step to a more successful CCM initiative: Engaging through Mobile Technology.

Read the full white paper: Improve Your Enterprise Customer Communications Strategy in Five Vital Steps


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