Losing sleep over governance? Get your users on board

Many of you are losing sleep over the state of your content. You know its not adequately managed and governed. You know users hoard it unsecured on their desktops, in cloud repositories, in file shares. They circumvent the established protocols and established systems you’ve put in place.

With GDPR looming and a parade of corporate breaches in the media, of course you’re afraid of what could happen. You’re awake at night, because your firm’s exposure to risk is very real. But what can you do about it?

Don’t fight human nature

You can’t force people to manage files the way you want, or the way they should. You can encourage and cajole. You can monitor and threaten. But this often fails to account for human nature.

At the end of the day, people will do what’s easy and what’s in their own best interest. The best way to get cooperation and buy in from your professionals is to give them tools and technology that they love.

Work the way users do

When it comes to managing work product, what exactly do they want? A survey of legal professionals tells us there are four important factors:

  • Better/simpler user interface (23%)
  • Mobility/mobile capabilities (13%)
  • Embedded Analytics/Reporting (10%)
  • Faster, more flexible search (6%)

A simpler user interface

A good user interface is basically invisible to the user. It doesn’t burden them or restrict them. Instead, it is flexible and gives them freedom to work in ways they find convenient and efficient. Users are more likely to adopt and use a system that is flexible, molds to their preferences, and allows them to customize and personalize it to their own preferences.

Mobile capabilities

Because users don’t want to be restricted by their technology, mobility is key. In today’s day and age, users expect instant access to the information they need – any time and from any location. Period.

Secure, mobile access from tablets and phones is essential today so professionals can continue working seamlessly with their data when they leave the office to visit clients, court, or to work offsite.


Giving users analytic insights is also a plus. Users want to understand the impact of their work and to easily communicate that impact to others. Offering basic analytics or reporting makes the solution more relevant and valuable to users – so they’re more likely to use it and use it consistently.

AI-enabled search

Finally, the ability to rapidly search and instantly pinpoint a complete set of information continues to be an important requirement of any document management system. Users don’t have time to waste. And with search technology now leveraging AI for better, more relevant search results, you need to ensure your DMS search can get to the right data quickly enough.

Today’s business environment is only increasing in its pace. Users are hard pressed for time and need to do more, and to do it faster. If your content management solution doesn’t work the way they do – or hinders them from getting things done – they simply won’t use it. On the other hand, you can get users on board by offering them a flexible, intuitive solution that works the way they do.

Rather than losing sleep, perhaps its time to look at the tools you’re providing.

To learn how OpenText™ eDOCS provides a flexible, intuitive solution that “works the way users do” visit our website or download our report “Conquering the Challenges of User Adoption”.

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