Lisa’s OpenText Story: Building My Career

When I heard about OpenText at a job fair, I was at the end of my Computer Science degree and wasn’t sure if I wanted to become a Technical Expert or a Project Manager. I was torn.

I met a team from OpenText at the job fair and found out that as a Consultant I would have the opportunity to work on many different projects with a wide range of customers. I learned that I could start out as a Technical Consultant and later, with more experience and insight, could advance to become a Project or Practice Manager.

This wide range of opportunities and the flexibility was what attracted me to start working at OpenText.

I came into the company not knowing much about this business. However, my colleagues supported me and I had the chance to learn a lot in the first few months.

OpenText is an international company with many employees all over the world, but in my daily business it never feels that way. Despite having colleagues spread all over the world, we work as one team towards a common goal.

The support from my colleagues around the world was especially important during the first customer project I had to manage on my own. I would not have been successful without the encouragement and experience of my colleagues.

Today, I am a Practice Manager, and I lead a team of several Consultants. I am now able to give back and support my newer colleagues with their first customer projects!

The team I manage helps organizations handle incoming documents within their SAP environment. The most common project we do is to support our customers’ accounting departments to process their incoming invoices more efficiently. With our product and project support, our customers can process vendor invoices quickly and enhance worker productivity, cash flow, and vendor relations.

For me, the best part of this work is that after each project I can see the positive impact that our software has on our customers’ businesses. However, the main reason I continue to choose OpenText is that I am able to grow continuously through new challenges on a regular basis.

In five years at OpenText, I’ve experienced a lot of success. I look forward to seeing what the next several years will bring for my career here.

Want to find out more about working at OpenText? Visit our Careers page for more information.

Kaitlyn Holbein

Kaitlyn Holbein is a marketing communications professional, focused on talent branding at OpenText. Based out of Canada, Kaitlyn writes about OpenText’s work life and culture.

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