Light the Night – My Story: Xavier Chaillot

While OpenText spends a lot of time focused on the digital transformation happening, we sometimes need to address the transformations taking place within people. Hardship strikes us all and we all have our journeys. In this series, I focus on telling these stories. This is Xavier Chaillot’s.


I have not had cancer but I have personally been impacted through people with cancer around me — by those who have survived and unfortunately by some who have succumbed to this disease.

And for the survivors, even with the amount of stress and anguish during the treatment, nothing compares to the worst part:

Uncertainty. For the patient and their loved ones.

Coming to Canada as an immigrant, I was facing some uncertainties; however, this was nothing compared to the level of uncertainty when I was faced with the diagnosis of cancer of a close family member.

With each new diagnosis, exam or treatment, every step in the process is a step into the unknown.

No one can guarantee the final prognosis. Did the treatment work? How long will I be cancer-free? Will it come back and if it does, will it return with a vengeance?

Dealing with the uncertainty is like living your life with a gun to your head – all the time.

In my opinion, this is a problem of science that needs to be resolved by science. Practical things can be done by only a few people who have the knowledge and resources. Therefore, anything that can be done to empower them, as a collective community, we should support.

I am walking as a supporter for Light the Night. What I like about community involvement in Canada is that it is simple, straightforward and open. Helping worthy causes such as this makes me feel I am an integral member of Canadian society.  I want to help and be part of this community. If anything can be done at the research level to help both the patient and their family – because cancer affects everyone – let’s not just talk. Just do it!


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Shama Jawaid

Shama is an avid writer and a Program Manager on the Customer Marketing Team in Richmond Hill, Canada.

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