Legal Center leads matter and document management capabilities in the Cloud

Firms continue to follow manual steps that lead to errors setting up new clients and performing tasks in a timely manner, which may lead to a malpractice suits, lack of consistency in their activities from matter to matter and a lack of metrics to help them become more efficient.

OpenText Legal Center process flows aid in the onboarding process for new or existing clients and their associated matters. Legal Center also enhances law firm client interactions for sharing and collaborating with external parties in a secure environment where users can perform content editing and collaboration. The benefits of Legal Center include:

  • Fast Adoption – allow customer to consume features in the cloud and leverage their on-premises investment without having to do significant upgrades
  • Mitigate risk – Elimination of errors when setting up new clients, and lawyers performing all their tasks in a timely manner will prevent a potential malpractice suit down the road
  • Productivity – Anywhere, anytime access to Legal Center increases the attorney’s productivity and responsiveness to their Client request. While out of the box process flows allow a firm to easily setup their Client, Matter, and Practice Areas and gain control over their Client’s matters and avoid malpractice suits

For OpenText Release 16 Enhancement Pack 5 (EP5), we’re proud to announce Legal Center, a new OpenText solution that drives clear benefits to the legal sector.

Matter centric workspace

With matter centric workspace, law firms and corporate legal departments can digitize their document management needs with a matter centric view of client content, ensuring information is managed and secure, yet easily accessible for day-to-day operations.

External sharing and collaboration

External sharing and collaboration lets you easily share a matter’s content with parties external to the firm and application (clients, opposing counsel, and subject matter experts) in a secure cloud environment.

Client on-boarding and practice area process flows

Legal Center delivers process flow by practice area that adheres to the industry’s or firm’s best practices and standards and allow firms to automate the creation of the client/matter workspace and invite internal and external parties to the workspace.

Built on AppWorks

With Legal Center, you can leverage the low-code development environment with pre-built accelerators and building blocks to easily iterate and expand applications to meet new needs.

Gain visibility and control over key metrics and SLAs

Legal Center enables you to track and report on key metrics so that you can optimize HR service delivery performance.

Integration with eDOCS

Legal Center 19.2 will include integration with OpenText eDOCS. The integration will allow eDOCS to take advantage of the process automation and external sharing capabilities of Legal Center.

You can learn more about Legal Center by visiting our website.

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