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Late Fax Sacks Star NFL Player

Fax is not often at the center of a National Football League story. However,this past Friday, three-time Pro Bowl defensive end ElvisDumervil was cut by the Denver Broncos because of a late fax.

Dumervil’s agent had reached a verbal agreement with the Broncos at 1:25 reduce Dumervil’s contract from $12 to $8 million in order to keep him on theteam. He then had until 2:00 p.m. to fax the Broncos the appropriate paperwork,but at 1:59 p.m., the Broncos still had not received anything. This forced themto cut Dumervil because otherwise they would have been obligated to pay him theoriginal $12 million. The Broncos ended up receiving the paperwork fromDumervil’s agent with a 2:06 p.m. time stamp, but it was too late, and nowsalary cap implications will make resigning Dumervil more difficult.

Elvis may have to leave the building—or may not be able to enter the stadiumin the first place.

Oh, and his agent? Fired.

It is impossible to know exactly what went wrong in this situation, but it isnot difficult to imagine paper jams, low toner, or a malfunctioning fax machinecausing a delay. It does not have to be this way. If timely documenttransmission is critical to your business, then it is time to take theantiquated fax machine out of the equation.

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