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Last Week in the Forums: Starting Day of Week for Charts, Using Multi Select Parameters

Many questions come through the forums each week. Some are new and some have been asked/answered before, so we’re starting a new weekly post to highlight a few posts as a reference for those who may have the same questions.

This past week, a question was asked about making the start day of week be Monday in a chart. One solution that works is to create your own instance of the day of week in a computed column. Another solution was also posted that works if you have a SQL database. This solution can be seen in the thread at the link above.

Another question is one that gets asked quite often. It’s about using multi-select parameters in your dataSet query. The reason that you can’t tie a multi-select parameter directly in with a dataSet parameter is because the multi-select parameter returns an array and not a comma separated string. You have to handle this by splitting the array into a comma separated string and adding the condition to your where clause in your query in script. Several examples of ways to do this can be found in the devShare.

One last question I’ll highlight for the week is a question about the most efficient place for a filter. The answer to which is to place the filter as early as you can. The earlier you place the filter in the process, the less data is processed in your report. So, if you don’t need the data in your dataSet, go ahead and place the filter there.

This is just a small sample of what went through the forums this past week. For more questions and answers that have been posted, check out the forums. As always, if you have a question, feel free to ask it, and if you see a question you know the answer to or have a similar experience to, feel free to post an answer or comment. 

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