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Is your organization ready for EIM managed services?

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Moving to managed services for your Enterprise Information Management (EIM) systems is a major step for any organization. A great deal has been written about how to select the ideal managed services provider for your business, but there has been less attention given to whether your business is ready for EIM managed services. This blog asks a very important question: is your culture right for EIM managed services?

The benefits of managed services, as shown in the image below—whether EIM or some other area of your technology infrastructure—are clear.

There is healthy growth within the global managed services market with analysts suggesting that it will reach $296 billion by 2023. In a recent survey that OpenText™ conducted with IDC, we found that two thirds of companies were considering B2B managed services as a means to focus on digital transformation.

Is your culture right for EIM managed services? Four key questions

When considering the move to EIM managed services, there are a number of considerations that you should take time to answer honestly.

Are you willing to let go?
One reason for implementing managed services is to gain access to the skills and domain knowledge that your company may lack internally. Once you have a managed services partner, you will need to have a joint strategy and then let the provider execute on their portions of it. You have to trust your provider to do the best possible job for you—and back this up with good Service Level Agreements (SLAs) to ensure they do!

Are you willing to listen?
In recent years, the concept of the ‘virtual CIO’ has become increasingly popular. The virtual CIO provides strategic input into some of your computing services. This can be particularly beneficial for EIM applications where it is not just important to know how to use the solution to its maximum effect but also to have an understanding of how this technology will develop and be able to plan for it. In many instances—like OpenText EIM managed services—the service provider will also be the software vendor so you are able to benefit quickly to gain business advantage. You may not like the idea of another CIO but the more that you can use your provider for business consultancy, the more value you’ll gain from the relationship.

Are you ready and willing to change?
Resistance to change is a major challenge for any IT program and this is equally true for the transition to EIM managed services. End users may worry that the functionality they are using will change. Your IT team may be concerned about what this means to their position. Communication is key. Is your organization skilled at ensuring everyone is properly informed and has the ability to raise their concerns and have them answered? Like any program of change, the earlier and the more thoroughly you communicate the more likely your people will be happy with the move.

Strong communication is also important between you and your provider. This will ensure that you are both aware—and agree on—what’s been delivered and address the danger of the interests of you and your service provider diverging as the relationship matures.

What happens when things go wrong?
It’s easy to blame and point fingers when things go wrong with a relationship but it’s better to work together to resolve issues quickly and effectively. It’s better still to try to stop problems arising in the first place. That’s where strong governance becomes essential. You need to clearly identify what you require from your service provider and what roles and responsibilities you expect them to execute. This must be enshrined within effective SLAs. It must be clear how performance will be measured and reviewed. This should occur regularly and is best done with your program manager.

The provider offers a single point of contact but not just for when things go wrong. If you allow your provider to add value then the program manager becomes pivotal in helping you in areas such as identifying where system performance can be improved, making your systems more secure, and determining how you can better exploit the functionality of your EIM solutions.

Ensuring that you have a culture that supports open communication, trust and partnership will help you to achieve maximum value from EIM managed services.

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