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Introducing the OpenText B2B Managed Services For Dummies guide

Firstly a bit of background about the OpenText™ B2B Managed Services For Dummies Guide, starting with my first For Dummies Guide project, relating to supply chain analytics, published over a year ago.

The first guide provided a high-level overview of how analytics could be leveraged across today’s supply chains and how it could provide meaningful insights into what was happening across a trading partner community. The introduction of this guide was well timed as the market was starting to explore the use of Big Data Analytics across supply chain operations.

It was a great experience working with the Wiley Publishing company as the For Dummies brand is well known for cutting through technical jargon and providing an educational read on subjects ranging from the Internet of Things to Machine Learning. Due to the success of our first book, I decided to start another project about six months ago, B2B Managed Services For Dummies.

B2B Managed Services Dummies Guide

B2B Managed Services has been a growth engine for OpenText as companies decide to outsource their B2B integration while they focus on their core business activities, such as manufacturing or selling products, or simply the need to free up internal resources to undertake new digital transformation projects.

Over 950 companies are leveraging our people, process and technologies to support business activities such as mergers & acquisitions, global expansion, ERP integration and B2B infrastructure modernization. Today’s CIOs face many challenges and simplifying the complexity of managing an external digital ecosystem helps deliver greater business efficiency and drives down operational costs.

This new For Dummies Guide provides a good introduction to B2B Managed Services, what it is, why should companies deploy it, what the benefits are and how to build a business case for B2B Managed Services to manage B2B integration needs. You can consider OpenText as an extension of your own IT department. We shield your business and extended ecosystem from the complexities of managing a day-to-day B2B integration environment.

B2B MS Dummies Guide

If your company is at a crossroads and is not sure which direction to take with regards to your B2B integration strategy, this new guide can provide useful insights into how B2B Managed Services can help your business.

In addition to the onboarding of new trading partners and looking after the seamless integration between your trading partner community and your internal enterprise business systems, such as ERP, OpenText B2B Managed Services has some new and interesting innovations to improve the day-to-day management of your trading partner community. Take a look at the short video below.

Whether you are new to B2B integration or simply trying to improve the management of your trading partner community, OpenText B2B Managed Services can help.

For more information and to download your own “B2B Managed Services For Dummies Guide”, please click here.

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Mark Morley

As Director, Strategic Product Marketing for Business Network, Mark leads the product marketing efforts for B2B Managed Services, drives industry and regional alignment with overall Business Network product strategy and looks at how new disruptive technologies will impact future supply chains. Mark also has over 23 years industry experience across the discrete manufacturing sector.

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