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Integrating Automatic Capture with Enterprise Fax Deployment Models

When it comes to initiating critical business processes, paper based faxing remains a key driver within many industries. Organizations utilize paper based faxing as a simple, ubiquitous mechanism for transacting business. However they’re also experiencing slow business cycle times that are negatively impacting profitability.

In the last blog post we discussed automatic capture technology’s ability to turn incoming fax documents into actionable data. Now many organizations are automating paper-based fax processes to gain greater ROI by integrating automatic capture technology with enterprise fax deployments models including:

Cloud fax: a deployment that doesn’t require any on-premises fax hardware, software or telephone connections to transmit fax messages. Instead users send faxes directly from their email accounts or common desktop applications. Cloud fax significantly reduces the cost of procuring and maintaining physical fax infrastructure while driving platform flexibility and scalability:

Cloud Capture and fax

On premises fax: a deployment in which a fleet of fax machines, multi-function devices or fax servers reside on premises, using telephony hardware to transmit messages. On-premises fax software connects with virtually any type of telephone network for secure, electronic faxing and supports very robust integrations.


On-premises fax and capture

Hybrid is another deployment option that combines an on-premises fax server with cloud-based transmission. Regardless of the chosen deployment model, enterprise fax software and services are well known input sources that organizations integrate automatic capture technology with. To enhance cycle times further organizations also integrate additional value-added services, like business workflow solutions, to help automate fax message processing from end-to-end.

Please visit  to learn more about enterprise fax deployment models and their ability to drive automated fax workflow solutions.


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