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Inside or Out? The Choice is Yours, but OpenText Can Help

As much as we might sometimes want, square pegs just do not fit well in roundholes. A frustrating example of this that I see often and across all industriesis when companies try to decide on the software product they wantto purchase before choosing a deployment model that fits their businessstrategy.

I have spent some time over the last few months trying to simplify themapping between business strategies and software deployment models. Last week, Idelivered my findings as a webinar, and I would now like to share it withyou.

The webinar, Finding the Ideal Fax Technology Deployment Model for YourBusiness, examines the four major methods of fax deployment—on premise,hybrid, hosted, and SaaS—and assesses the unique capabilities of each to addressvarying business needs. For example, a company without its own data center orwith little on-site IT expertise may want to consider a fully-hosted deployment,while a different company may want the administrative control and broaderintegrations of an on-premise solution.

If you start with the basic premise that fax machines have got to go—which Icompletely agree with—then before choosing a solution you should ask yourselfone critical question: What is the ideal fax software deploymentmodel for my business?

Click here to download the webinar, and please feel free toleave feedback below.

To learn more about OpenText’s wide range of fax solutions, click here.

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Lisa Grankowski

Lisa is in the OpenText Business Network Marketing team.

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