Innovation Tour 2015: Round 2

Tomorrow the OpenText Innovation Tour will begin its European leg in Stockholm after a fantastic opening stretch through Asia and the South Pacific.

OT Innovation Tour EasternMontage

Although I didn’t get the chance to join the tour in Mumbai or Tokyo, I did make it to our stops in Sydney and Singapore, and was recently in Tokyo to visit customers. When traveling for business I don’t often get a chance to experience the places I go, but there were a few things that caught my attention during my time in the Far East. Obviously that side of the world is so different from North America. The food, languages and geography are an interesting change of pace. But what I was most impressed by was the efficiency of travel, particularly in Japan and Singapore.

In Japan, I had the opportunity to ride the Shinkansen, or bullet train. I was amazed how smooth and relaxing the ride was despite the fact we were traveling at speeds around 300 km/h (186 mph). It was only when I looked out the window and saw the landscape flying by that I could tell we were moving at such a high speed. Wouldn’t it be great to have something similar in North America?

I also enjoyed my flight to Singapore. As a Customer Service professional, I was truly impressed by the focus Singapore Airlines placed on their Customer Experience from start to finish. Whether I was checking in, boarding or mid-flight, I felt well taken care of and appreciated. They certainly won me over as a repeat customer.

While in Singapore, we had a good view of Marina Bay from the conference center, which you can see in the photo below (courtesy of Deborah Miller @DebsG360). The scene of massive ships anchored in the bay was an incredible sight.


Of course, my colleagues and I were in the APAC region to speak to customers about OpenText innovations, provide a look at our product roadmap, introduce ourselves and answer questions. The Innovation Tour is really an extension of the discussion that began at Enterprise World 2014 in Orlando, FL. We want to show you how to simplify, transform and accelerate your Enterprise Information Management (EIM) systems in preparation for the Digital-First World.

I am excited to visit all of our customers throughout Europe, but am most looking forward to our special two-day stops in London and Munich. There I’ll be taking part in our Partner Summit, where I hope to build ties with our partners in order to better serve our customers.  I’ll also be sure to enjoy the gala dinner in London—featuring former rugby stars Will Greenwood and Richard Hill, and broadcaster Mark Durden-Smith—and I hope you can make it as well.


James McGourlay

James has been with OpenText since 1997 and is Executive Vice President, Worldwide Support. Customer life-time value, and accelerating customers’ time to value are his passion. Throughout the last 18 years, James has been the catalyst for tremendous growth in the OpenText Customer Services team for the Americas. He has sponsored programs such as the Knowledge Center, Partner Support Program, quality audits and enhanced Customer Support programs. He and his team are also spearheading the movement towards integrations management, social engagement support for customers and continued improvements to the customer experience.

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