ICMI Contact Center Expo & Conference at Long Beach, CA

From the desk of Dr. WFO:

If you haven’t attended an ICMI Contact Center conference, you are missing out! This is a worthwhile investment for all contact center personnel. We were one of the sponsors at this year’s conference in Long Beach, CA, and the entire OpenText WFO Software team was impressed by the turnout of over 1,500 attendees.

Another interesting fact was that about half of the attendees had never attended this type of conference before, so in other words, 50% were newbies. Lots of great content was delivered which focused on all aspects of content center management – people, process, technology, and strategy.

The overall theme for the event was tied to improving the overall customer experience, along with how to promote the value of the contact center within the organization. It was most interesting to hear about the challenges that contact center professionals were looking to solve and the best practices they were hoping to learn from industry experts and other peers.


Dr. WFO presenting to a standing room only crowd on Selling the Value of the Contact Center to the Enterprise


Dr. WFO with colleague Jessica Overton and leadership team from Church Pension Group (CPG)

The event had several interesting keynote speakers, but one in particular stood out for me. Scott McKain’s featured keynote titled “The Ultimate Customer Experience: The Key to Lifelong Loyalty and Endless Referrals” was engaging and fun. His message was make it easier to do business with you. He shared his model of 4 corners of distinction:

  1. Clarity – Be crystal clear on what sets you apart, define purpose; mindshare precedes market share
  2. Creativity – Be creative at one thing, be considered innovative
  3. Communication – Write a story about how a customer improved his/her business as a result of your efforts
  4. Customer Experience Focus – Unique experience

I would highly encourage you to attend a contact center industry event.

If you were unable to make this most recent ICMI event, you still have an opportunity to attend the upcoming 17th Annual Call Center Week & Expo (CCW) in Las Vegas from Monday, June 27 – Friday, July 1.

The OpenText WFO Software team would love to see you there!

Until next time…


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