How to Charge Credit Cards from a BIRT Design, and Other Posts From This Week


Last weekend I had the opportunity to attend a local hackathon put together by hackmidwest. If you’re not familiar with hackathons, I encourage you to seek one out. They are a lot of fun. Rules can change from event to event, but typically you have 24 hours to create an application of your choosing, either by yourself or as a team.

For my hack, I used BIRT iHub Free Edition and Mastercard’s Simplify API. By leveraging the Simplify API, I was able to charge credit cards directly from a BIRT Design. It was as simple as creating a JAR and including it in my design.

public void chargeCard(String creditcard, long amount, String cvc, int expMonth, int expYear, String desc, String currency) {
  try {
    Payment payment = Payment.create(new PaymentsMap()
      .set("amount", amount)
      .set("card.cvc", cvc)
      .set("card.expMonth", expMonth)
      .set("card.expYear", expYear)
      .set("card.number", creditcard)
      .set("description", desc)
      .set("currency", currency));
  }catch(Exception ex) {

By creating a JAR with this method, I was able to leverage a few global persistent variables and a simple script like this in the onCreate() of a label.

if(params["Payment"].value == true) {
  var simplify = com.actuate.developer.SimplifyBIRT();
    "123", 8, 16, "BIRT Payment", "USD");
  this.text = "Paid"
  this.text = "Pending"

This grabs the card number to be charged from the global persistent variable “card” as well as the amount to charge from “amount”. Then I changed the label to show that the credit card has been charged.


Now that the card has been charged, let’s check the Simplify website to make sure it has been approved.


And that’s all there is to it! Simplify has several other calls you can use in your BIRT Designs.

This is just a quick and simple example of how you can use third-party APIs in your BIRT Designs. Which third-party APIs have you used in your designs, and which ones are your favorites? I’m always looking for more ways to integrate other libraries with BIRT!

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As the week comes to an end I hope everyone has a good weekend. Thanks for reading! If you have any questions or comments please feel free to comment below.

Group photo courtesy of hackmidwest. Credit card sign photo by Shawn Rossi

Kristopher Clark

Kristopher is a Solutions Consultant for OpenText Analytics.

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