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How do you keep up with your customers?

Customers and employees today are becoming less and less loyal. Some years ago,
the supplier you had selected was the one you had for the rest of your life. Like the bank you chose, or the electricity firm. The same goes for employees. Before people tend to stay at the same workplace longer than they do today.
Today it’s different . If we cannot deliver what our customers or employees expect, they will leave. If you cannot deliver what they want when they want it, they will leave.

And to top it up,
if they are not happy, they will let everybody and anybody know about it via social networks and communities.

With online reviews and information available, your customers know more about your products, your service, your competitors, and pricing than you do.
Swedish institute for statistics just released their report for this year, and according to them kids in Sweden in the age 3-6 years, 25-30% are using Internet daily. Imagine when they grow up!

Many companies already have a website that is engaging, social channels that engaging content is sent out to. Most have some sort of segmentation to personalize what is delivered to the customers.

However, most companies don’t have a streamlined, optimized way of doing this.
Many steps are manual. Many organizations have departments divided into online marketing, social media and web and so on, which creates siloes of information making it difficult to reuse content and work efficiently.

Marketing and IT are struggling to deliver exceptional customer experiences. Many are still implementing tools that are IT-centric instead of marketing-centric. Using siloes of information rather than integrated technologies to support a unified experience.

Forrester recently asked a panel of 100 customer experience professionals about their approaches to customer experience innovation. To read the results,
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Looking closer at 3 points specifically will help us gear up to meet the expectations of today AND tomorrow:

Our customers want to be EFFECTIVE, which means using every moment of the time they have, being MOBILE. And they want to be able to control what information they get. It’s not only corporations that face the issues with “big data”. The consumers are too! They need a way to filter all the information available. They need to be IN CONTROL of the information they receive.

We as a company need to be EFFECTIVE. We need to provide the customers with a great customer experience across all touch points without too much cost attached to it. We need to provide this great customer experience on all thinkable devices that exists today but also consider the devices that will be there tomorrow. Enabling the customer to be MOBILE. And lastly we need to be IN CONTROL of the content we send out to the customers, we need to use insight and statistics to deliver the right content to the right person. We do not want to broadcast and push information at the customer when they are not interested. That would probably be the easiest way to ruin a great experience.

So what does your company do to keep up? What is your strategy to retain control and productivity and at the same time keeping up with the high requirements of your customers?

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