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Healthcare Data Breaches Expected to Increase in 2015

A recent article in Healthcare Informatics titled “ Report: Healthcare Data Breaches Expected to Increase in 2015 ” covered how Personal Healthcare Information’s (PHI) continued shift towards digital formats will increase the potential for electronic data breaches to occur. What makes it more concerning is penalties stemming from these breaches are expected to be over 5 billion dollars. Then to compound the issue, those inside the healthcare sector aren’t necessarily confident about the protection measures in place now for electronic PHI. According to doctors’ offices and clinics cited in the article, the level of security and privacy for PHI shared on health information exchanges needs improvement.

As someone familiar with information exchange technology, I think this represents a new opportunity for 2015. I believe healthcare organizations will look to reevaluate the methods and protocols they’re using to exchange digital PHI in order to avoid the pitfalls the article predicted for 2015. This means healthcare organizations will likely investigate and reassess information exchange methods like fax, secure email and managed file transfer to help address critical security and compliance standards in the industry:

  • Fax Solutions help healthcare organizations works smarter by improving the speed,
    efficiency and accuracy of healthcare data
  • Secure Mail helps minimize, control and manage risks associated with data breaches and vulnerabilities
  • Secure Managed File Transfer (MFT) ensures the safety of the exchange of intellectual properties to help mitigate risks and improve compliance

As we continue enhancing these information exchange offerings we fully expect our solutions to be in lockstep with the security and compliance issues possibly awaiting healthcare in 2015.

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