Happy Birthday to WFO Screen Capture

A core component of every WFO platform is the ability to record an agent’s desktop and deliver a movie-like experience to help evaluate employee performance.

Believe it or not, desktop screen capture functionality in OpenText™ Qfiniti Observe is about to turn 21 years old!  Our “baby” has grown up so quickly and now we get to have a party. Also, desktop screen capture gets a big birthday gift – desktop analytics with OpenText™ Qfiniti Optimize.

Yes, a very “adult” function, but today’s screen capture is not yesterday’s voice and screen capture. In fact, screen analytics (often called desktop analytics) is for screen recording what speech analytics was to voice recording. This new development in desktop analytics is changing contact centers everywhere, so let me tell you why we’re celebrating here at OpenText.

Expanded Search

Remember the first time you used speech analytics and searched for a call by word or phrase?  Yes, Qfiniti Optimize is the same, but now imagine searching for calls by click or task:

  • Show me all the calls where the agent used this feature of the knowledge base
  • Show me all the calls that the agent bypassed the CRM privacy screen and didn’t read the disclosure
  • Show me agents that are NOT doing a specific step to close a sale

These are just a few of the ways that desktop monitoring is changing the face of quality monitoring and coaching.

Expanded Measurement

Today, screen capture functionality, just like a voice recording, only tells us the length of the interaction. Desktop analytics can tell you exactly how long a specific step within an interaction takes. How long is the greeting and authentication? How long does it take to setup a new customer? How long does it take the agent to research the problem? These tasks in the interaction can be analyzed with expanded measurement of specific steps made on the agent desktop.

Never Seen Before Insights                                                                                                                            

One of our customers told me that he once observed a new employee that never typed while on the phone. The coach played back a few calls and saw that this was consistent on all calls. In fact, he also noticed that this agent had lengthy after-call (wrap up) time. As he approached the employee during a coaching session, he saw that the agent manually wrote everything on a notepad and then used his wrap-up time to enter the notes and complete the transaction. He asked why he did it that way and the employee said, “Someone in training told me it was rude to type while the customer talked and I should write it all down and do it after the call.”  The leader was able to find the root cause of the issue and in just a few coaching sessions taught this employee (and the trainer) how multi-tasking can be done without being intrusive.

Now imagine that same scenario for ALL agents. Desktop analytics is more than just understanding what can be seen during playback, but expands screen capture to identify the applications, steps and methods that your high- and low-performing agents take on each and every call.

So happy birthday screen capture and welcome to adulthood. Qfiniti Observe, combined with the insights of the new version of Qfiniti Optimize are taking you into the next phase of your life.  Now let’s blow out the candles and have some cake!

Steve Graff

Steve is a Multichannel Analytics and System integration expert specializing in call recording and related technologies such as ACD, VRU/ IVR, CTI, and AutoDialers. His in-depth experience with TDM, VoIP, SIP Trunks and all Active Recording interfaces will feature in his blogs.

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