Guest Blog: Industry Analyst Bruce Silver Shares His Thoughts on BPM Trends

Guest Blog Post by Bruce Silver, Independent Industry Analyst – Bruce Silver Associates

1) Generation Y aka the Millennials: The networked generation place a great importance on communicating and sharing at each stage of their decision-making processes in their personal lives, what is this generation looking for when it comes to Business Process Management?

As long as it boosts their self-esteem and doesn’t ask them to do too much, they are probably fine with BPM. Actually I suspect they have no idea what it is.

2) What are the specific challenges with case management vs. process automation. Is there an increase in Case Structures vs process structures, and how does that affect the tools used for automation?

I think the big challenge of case management is to accept that it is a style of process management, part of a continuum based on degree of predefined structure, rather than something else entirely. Many vendors want to make it something completely separate and are confusing the public. There is definitely an upswing in interest in case management, and traditional BPM vendors are adding case capability to their suites much faster than case vendors are adding BPM. To me it’s pretty clear who is going to win.

3) How important are integrations for process automation,
and can BPM be used with core apps to engage users and add flexibility and agility to an organization?

There is Big BPM and Little BPM. Application integration is probably the dividing line. Big BPM relies on an integration bus and analytics for operational visibility. Little BPM (and case) probably focus more on REST integration with popular social/mobile apps. Both have their place. A platform that combines both would be best.

4) How quickly are organizations deploying new applications to introduce new processes? And, is the deployment speed meeting expectations?

Speed of development and deployment is always an issue. It’s never fast enough. “Appification” of common process solutions is a possible answer, certainly in Little BPM. For Big BPM, custom UIs and shifting business requirements will probably continue to slow the pace of dev/deploy.

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