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Great Faxpectations

Please enjoy this blog from FDDG Product Manager Brian Lennstrom, thefirst featured submission in our series of posts from first-time contributors tothe fax solutions blog. Look for more from Brian and others in the comingweeks……

“An idea,” wrote Charles Dickens, “like a ghost, must be spoken to a littlebefore it will explain itself.”

It may surprise you to learn that we here in the Fax and Document Distribution Group (FDDG) at OpenText areexploring new ideas. After all, fax was invented about the time that Dickenswas creating some of the most famous ghosts of all time in his novel, AChristmas Carol. One does not necessarily expect new ideas from a group thathas been successful at developing and bringing to market fax software for 20years.

But great novelists and other artists, like Dickens, reinvent themselvesevery so often: typically, they keep working on what has been successful in thepast, but they also expand their quest into new directions, exploring thehallways and rooms of the business world until they bump into somethingunexpected. Something that must be spoken to a little before it will explainitself.

The Fax and Document Distribution Group is on such a quest. As a productmanager here at FDDG, it’s my job to explore some of those hallways and roomsand see what can be discovered. I’ll be blogging about this adventure (foradventure it is) to let you know what happens when a company with a significantinvestment in 170 year old technology squints to see what the future may be forthings like secure information exchange. I’ve been at OpenText for a littlemore than a year, and–like many of your adventures I’m sure–so far it’s oftenbeen both intriguing to my brain and strenuous for my blood pressure. Rather, Iwould think, like conversing with one of the spirits in a Dickens novel.

For more fun, check out this imagining of Dickens as a Twitterer and follow OpenText on Twitter @faxsolutions.

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