Getting More Than You Bargained For

shutterstock_133119542Black Friday and Cyber Monday have come and gone, and I’ve ended up buying in to a new gaming platform.

Last year on Cyber Monday I bought a 50″ Sony Bravia TV. It wasn’t the latest model or top of the range, no 3D glasses or 4K – just a normal 50″ TV. But, as I was setting it up, I discovered USB ports at the back which allow me to connect a webcam to make video Skype calls, and also record HD movies and TV directly onto a USB stick.  Both those capabilities were unadvertised when I bought the TV, so as a piece of hardware it’s already exceeded all expectations.

But, it gets better.  Last night, an over the air software update added a new ‘PlayStation Now’ menu button on the TV home screen. This gives me access to hundreds of PlayStation games online. The TV that I bought 1 year ago has added new functionality that offers me a new way to consume gaming content. I already subscribe to Spotify for Music and Netflix for films. So now I’m being tempted to subscribe to play PS3 games, even though I haven’t got a PlayStation.

For gaming, I’ve already bought into the Nintendo Wii U platform because it has the best family friendly multiplayer games, and I’ve got two children, 7 and 10 years old. I had to make an upfront investment in that Wii U gaming hardware and, up until now, I’ve been tied to buying games released on the Nintendo Platform. Now with the software update that appeared on my TV last night, I get to play Sony PS3 games. My only up-front investment in hardware is a Dualshock4 controller.

So the up-front investment in hardware and long term commitment to one supplier (Nintendo) has been broken by Sony’s introduction of PlayStation Gaming as a Service, delivered unbidden into to my living room direct onto my TV. And, they’re making it really easy for me to try before I buy (1 week subscription free).  This is a great example of consumer software developing and innovating at high-speed and disrupting the market.

What happens in consumer software also has a knock-on effect for Enterprise Software. When consumers go to work they’re now expecting to see the same speed of innovation in their Enterprise Software. They expect the software tools they use in their day to day jobs to get better and better over time. They expect new features and capabilities to appear and just start working in an intuitive way. Often they don’t even know they need those features until they appear on the screen one day, offering them a better way to work.

OpenText Core is currently an Enterprise-ready Document Management and collaboration service in the cloud. The ability to constantly add new capabilities is one of the great advantages of SaaS versus traditional on-premises software installations. And, over the last year, Core subscribers have seen many new capabilities added – and it’s going to get even better. I’ve seen what’s planned for Core between now and March 2016 and it’s really exciting. Existing Core users will be delighted. If you subscribe now you can get a free trial with no commitment or credit card details required. – Hint: subscribe to the Enterprise version free for 90 days – it’s got more features and capabilities than the other versions, and that’s where the best features are coming over the next 3 months.

So what did I buy this Cyber Monday? A PlayStation Dualshock4 Controller.

George Harot

George is a Product Marketing Director for Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solutions, based in London, UK.

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