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Game Over: “Anonymous” Posts more than 4,000 U.S. Bank Executives’ Credentials

The hacker group, Anonymous, recently broke into multiple U.S. governmentwebsites and published login and private information including cell phonenumbers from more than 4,000 American bank executives. After the U.S.government regained control of the sites, Anonymous turned them into a mockingversion of the iconic video game, Asteroids. Game over.

While the actions of Anonymous appear to have been a form of protest againstU.S. cyber-crime legislation and not for financial gain, it is a stark reminderthat we live in an age of professional hackers in which data is at risk. Theimpetus is on organizations to regularly audit security measures to ensureexisting protocols are being followed, identify potential vulnerabilities, andconsider new solutions that are emerging to meet today’s increased threats.

The challenge for organizations is that information has to be exchangedefficiently outside of their internal networks in order to conduct transactionsand deliver services. Information brings no value to your business if it has tostay sealed inside a protected vault at all times. OpenText is the market leaderin making information exchange secure through a variety of mediums including fax, EDI andautomated notifications. If you are having challenges in any of theseareas, please reach out to us for more information on how we can improve yourinformation exchange security.

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Lisa Grankowski

Lisa is in the OpenText Business Network Marketing team.

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