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Funds – racing to become MIFID II compliant by 2018!

The deadlines are coming quick and fast, this month being no exception! With member states already required to have implemented legislation to bring MIFID II into national law by July 3rd 2017, the arrival of arguably the largest ever piece of regulation to affect investment and Fundscompliance challenges is becoming a reality.

The industry has had a mammoth task to get ready for implementation, and the fact that the implementation was delayed for a full year (from Jan 2017 to Jan 2018) by the European Securities & Markets Authority (ESMA) is testament to the sheer volume of work that was, and is still, being undertaken.

Are your technology capabilities ready?

The technology challenges alone are huge. The MIFID II implementation calls for carefully considered technology solutions. Some key areas are an enhanced client portal for reporting, enhanced straight through processing (STP) to reduce breaks and manual intervention, and greater transparency. This is where OpenText STP for Funds can help.

The solution is in reach

OpenText STP for Funds is a mature, proven order routing and settlement platform designed specifically for the Funds business. With a market leading user interface allowing a positive and dynamic customer experience, the platform can handle a wide range of instrument types, from mutual & hedge funds to equities, ETF and various Alternative Investments.

All-encompassing message handling and enhancement, including FIX, FTP, Swift, Secure Email and fax. Eliminate manual processes and paper handling and make all your payments automatically, using the secure web based platform which can be easily integrated in your existing or improved workflow.

Having the 24×7 support of the OpenText team of subject matter experts, you can be assured of a partnership which has your business interests as its priority.

The possibilities are endless

With the power of OpenText, the world leader in Enterprise Information Management (EIM), behind the OpenText STP for Funds platform, further services are available such as Managed Services, document management & transformation via Documentum, and many more.

Read more?

Follow this link to read one of our many customer stories.

Reach out!

If you are looking for a market leading solution for your Funds order capture, routing, settlement and more, please add a comment below or complete the form on this page as I would love to discuss this further with you.

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Darren Thompson

Darren is a Senior Product Support Specialist for the OpenText STP for Securities platform. Based in Ireland, Darren previously worked with Citi and has extensive years’ experience in Financial Services, particularly in the Funds and Alternative Investments space. He blogs on the Funds business and how our platform offers solutions for banks, asset managers and more!

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