Four Elements to Enable Your Digital World

I’m sure you’re thinking of how to best enable your digital world—especially after Enterprise World 2015. In Las Vegas, we discussed the strategic principles that guide our long-term roadmap development so we can help our customers make the most of digital disruption. From better user experience to flexible deployment options to deeper functionality and integrations across the suites that drive end-to-end information flows, we believe these strategic principles will create a better way to work.


And, now that you are back at your desk preparing your digital enterprise, there are some elements that you’ll want to keep in mind:

  1. Cloud

Simplify the transition to cloud. Are you looking at a cloud, on-premises, or a hybrid deployment? At Enterprise World, we discussed some recent advances in the cloud from new SaaS apps such as PowerDocs for document creation and iHub for analytics and data visualization to new features in OpenText Core and Archive Center.

  1. OpenText Core

Ahh, flexibility and convenience for business-ready file sharing and collaboration in the cloud. We introduced new features for OpenText Core: among other enhancements, you can now tag your content and publish files to and import files from OpenText Content Server, plus we’ve improved security and user management through integration with your on-premises Active Directory! Visit to sign-up for a free 90-day trial and get started right away.

  1. Analytics

Delivering better insight is key to any digital strategy. A sneak peak at our roadmap: we are embedding and integrating analytics across our suites to help you get even more value from existing deployments. For example, you will be able to conduct analysis on content and processes through integration with Content Suite and Process Suite. Wondering what big data analytics looks like? Try a free 30-day trial.

  1. Digital Disruption

Today’s digital disruptors are using technology to disintermediate entire industries and unseat corporate giants. Now we have new slang to describe this transformational process. In the Internet Era, we talked about being “amazoned”. In the Digital Era, we are talking about being “ubered”. So, yes, digitalization changes everything. It has shattered entire industries, displaced market leaders, and introduced new business models. In our CEO’s latest book, On Digital, Mark Barrenechea explores the incredible potential of digital. Download it for free!on-digital-cover-homepg-338

And, if you missed it and need some inspiration, watch Mark share his vision for the future of OpenText and the digital world in the EW2015 keynote.

Innovation Tour & Enterprise World 2016

Don’t forget Enterprise World 2016 will be in coming to Nashville, TN in July. Sign up today to get seriously discounted Early Bird pricing! If you can’t wait till July to continue the digital conversation, meet us in a city near you on our Innovation Tour 2016. It starts in February, so select your city and register today.

Rebecca Graves

Rebecca is Senior Editor & Content Strategist at OpenText and also loves to write Information Matters, our monthly newsletter, which is chock full of helpful information about digital disruption, EIM, and OpenText solutions. Take a look at!

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