Five Common ECM Wins…and the Straightforward Cloud Solution

As cloud-based Enterprise Content Management (ECM)implementations become increasingly commonplace, I’m seeing a growingnumber of noteworthy client success stories. The kind that overcomesubstantial hurdles to literally transform a client’s content managementinfrastructure from non-existent to world class in one seamless,magnificent leap.

The really intriguing element in the vast majority of them is witnessing the tangible, quantifiable benefits the cloudbrings to information management. For me, it’s one thing to discuss thepractice of cloud-based content management as a theoretical talkingpoint, it’s quite another to see it in action, elevating contentsolutions from great to how-did-we-ever-operate-without-this throughadditional functionality, security and efficiency.

The OpenText team has collaborated on yet another exampleof this recently; designing and implementing a cloud-based ECM platformfor a non-profit, clinical research firm. The core challenges and goalsof this organization are remarkably similar to most large enterprises,namely, an extensive, remote workforce all generating and collaboratingon vast amounts of mission-critical data that’s highly sensitive andstringently regulated. Sound familiar?

What’s more, you may alsorecognize the environment that sparked this particular initiative:Essential data stored in isolated network drives and filing cabinets,email serving as the principal means of collaboration, security andgovernance tools struggling with oversight of highly mobile staff. (As aside note, did you just mentally give your organization one, two, orthree checkmarks? That’s what I thought!)

In short, thisparticular enterprise was at the mercy of the disjointed and exceedinglymanual processes resulting from the lack of an integrated contentmanagement solution. For participants, the frustration factor wassetting in with the inefficiencies posing challenges to meet deadlinesand an overall lack of confidence around the information being used tofuel decision making. On top of this, every day was like rolling thedice with potentially catastrophic implications for data security,financial stability, regulatory compliance, and reporting credibility.

Tobe sure, these were considerable issues that permeated right to thecore of the enterprise. Yet the solution was relatively, evensurprisingly, straightforward: A tailored version of OpenText Content Serverprovided the centralized and standardized data management structurethey needed to ensure optimal security, management, and compliance. Whatput it over the top (and into my personal business hit parade) was theastute decision to utilize an OpenText Cloudsolution to host the application – ensuring easy, real-time access forfar-flung contributors, both those internal and external to theorganization, and collaborators through a custom-designed web interface.

Voila…One undemanding yet multi-faceted suite of ECM tools solving five common issues:

  • A secure repository for storage and distribution of version-controlled documents

  • Increased adoption, efficiency, and collaboration via a user-friendly, web-based interface

  • Comprehensive auditing and reporting functions from one, centralized source

  • Full compliance with all applicable government and industry regulations

  • Simplified system management that exceeds security requirements thanks to OpenText Hosting Services

It’s a beautiful thing. And I invite you to read through their entire success storyto get the full story. For us here at OpenText, these contentmanagement successes are both rewarding and invigorating. Not only dothey fulfill our mission of contributing to our customers’ success – youcan literally see the stress from years of legacy inefficiencies fallaway as velocity, security and adoption skyrocket – they also serve asnotice that we, as an organization, are on the right path. Cloud-basedservices, be they ECM or broader-based Enterprise Information Management (EIM) initiatives, are the future. There’s just too much to be gained with them.

It’stime to start considering the benefits of cloud services. I know theycontinue to change my perception of what’s possible in the world ofenterprise content management.

Alison Clarke

Alison is Director of Product Marketing for OpenText ECM Content Suite and Extended ECM. Alison and her team are passionate about helping organizations use content services technologies to distill more value from information, supporting the needs of individuals and teams to improve productivity and strengthen information governance for the organization with ECM-enabled solutions.

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