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Gain speed and agility with OpenText AppWorks Release 16 EP5

“I feel the need… the need for speed” is a famous quote from the 1986 film “Top Gun” about students at the U.S. Navy’s elite fighter-pilot school competing to be best in the class.

Military examples are often used in business because military models are proven to be agile, versatile and effective in the most demanding circumstances. It’s in this context that one can see a similarity between a fighter pilot’s need for speed and agility, and that of business analysts and developers when it comes to application development.

Virtually all organizations are striving to increase efficiency and improve customer satisfaction to keep up with today’s rapidly growing expectations, technological advances, and changing regulatory landscape.

To remain competitive and relevant, organizations need to:

  • Deliver customer-centric digital experiences: Customers want to engage through a variety of channels when it suits them, with instant access to relevant information.
  • Eliminate silos of information: Organizations need to find a way to deliver customer-centric processes while leveraging existing investments in enterprise systems and data stores.
  • Automate manual processes to gain efficiency: Today’s digital process automation needs to be designed in collaboration with business analysts. These analysts understand the gaps in business processes and can identify automation opportunities.
  • Gain insight to drive better decision making: To increase efficiency and satisfaction, employees need to make well-informed decisions fast. To do that, they need to view information holistically and use analytics to gain insight so they can determine the next best action.

This is where applications built with OpenText™ AppWorks™ can really deliver value. Your organization can gain speed and accelerate time to value with pre-built business applications that optimize existing enterprise information management (EIM) investments and address specific business needs.

Purpose-built SaaS applications

With the newest release of AppWorks 16.5, we are introducing two new Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) applications – both built with AppWorks.

New! OpenText™ Quality automates the response to non-conformance and corrective and preventive action (CAPA) events while ensuring that associated, controlled documents stored in OpenText™ Documentum™ are updated or referenced.

Simplify quality processes for efficiency and compliance with OpenText Quality

This enables life sciences organizations to extend their existing investment in Documentum with quality management capabilities, allowing holistic management of quality processes.

New! OpenText™ Legal Center aids in the on-boarding process for law firms’ new or existing clients and their associated legal matters. It enhances client interactions for sharing and collaborating with external parties (clients, subject matter experts, opposing counsel, and so forth) in a secure environment where users can perform content editing and collaboration.

These transformative applications will create new ways of working, collaborating, and doing business for law firms and life sciences companies. In this video, Muhi Majzoub, OpenText EVP Engineering and Cloud Services, shares details on both new applications, outlines the roadmap for future announcements, and discusses our plan for building applications to serve new industries.

We are also enhancing two applications that address process flows in key business areas: contract management and human resources.

OpenText™ Contract Center transforms contract management from siloed document workflows to intelligent and connected work processes. With this latest release, it now integrates with OpenText Extended ECM, in addition to other repositories, and enables organizations to centralize contracts, enforce contract language and standardization, automate contract processes, and manage risk using analytics.

OpenText™ People Center enables HR to improve employee self-service and respond more easily to employee inquiries, as well as quickly access necessary documents to gain visibility into key measurements and indicators.

Enhance HR service and employee self-service with OpenText People Center

People Center has added integration with OpenText Extended ECM in the new release to deliver enterprise-class records management. And it showcases a completely redesigned employee self-service experience with seamless help-topic integration.

A hybrid approach

Whenever we talk about purpose-built applications for speed and business agility, we’re always talking about the cloud. However, OpenText gives you the best of both worlds, regardless of your progress on the journey to the cloud.

The hybrid approach offers the option of the SaaS model while preserving the value of your on-premise environments. The SaaS model delivers fast deployment and immediate productivity, along with the economic benefits of eliminating capital costs and simplifying maintenance. On-premise EIM solutions, fully connected to the new applications, enrich them with content from the repository that serves as the single source of truth. These applications can be deployed in the way you choose, giving you flexibility to meet your individual needs.

Gain agility

With today’s dynamic environment, agility is also critical to enable organizations to quickly respond to changing needs. In this video, I talk about how AppWorks provides the agility to extend and build. Using a low-code approach, AppWorks gives business owners and subject matter experts a direct role in developing digital business automation. This has several benefits:

  1. It enables business analysts to engage directly in the development of the application, reducing the likelihood of miscommunications and errors.
  2. It minimizes the need for code. Code is complex and expensive to design, create, and maintain. When less code is needed in an application, the cost of that application is also lowered.
  3. It frees up developers to focus on the toughest problems.
  4. It gives business analysts more visibility into the application as it takes shape. AppWorks makes it easier to prototype and iterate to bring ideas to life.

When your organization has the “need for speed,” OpenText offers purpose-built, intelligent, and content-rich SaaS applications to quickly deliver and extend business value. When it’s time to extend or build additional applications, AppWorks provides the agility (and consistency) needed to rapidly build, iterate, and deploy.

Learn more about OpenText AppWorks 16.5 by visiting our website.

Lori McKellar

Lori McKellar is the Senior Director of Product Marketing for OpenText. She focuses on products, solutions and services related to AI, Analytics, Low-code development and Process Automation, that help organizations increase automation, operational efficiencies and maximize revenue. She brings over twenty years’ experience in selling and marketing enterprise software in information management.

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