Fax to the rescue – again!

Most of us can’t imagine a business day without email. It’s the lifeline of most communication both inside and outside an organization. But what happens when you can’t use your email? That’s what Sony employees and executives are faced with right now, in light of the recent hack to their network and email system.

It seems that Sony employees have taken to picking up the phone, handwritten notes and, you guess it – fax, as a way to communicate with one another. Old school, you say? Old reliable, we say. Among those alternatives, fax is the only form of communication that is reliable and completely secure. Since a fax is a secure point-to-point communication between two parties, it can’t be intercepted or hacked. A phone call can be overheard, a handwritten note stolen. An electronic fax can go from one party to the other, safely and securely.

The next time you need to communicate something that you don’t want to see in a headline, we suggest you FAX it.

See the story here: http://uk.businessinsider.com/sony-execs-use-fax-machines-after-hack-wiped-out-email-2014-12

Amy Perry

Amy Perry is the Director of Product Marketing for fax and secure messaging solutions with OpenText Business Network. Her 20 year career has crossed between Product Management and Product Marketing in the CPG and software industries.

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