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Fax Content: Fast and Easy Search and Retrieval

When used with OpenText RightFax, Microsoft Search Service within Outlook benefitsusers because it pre-indexes emails and attachments to deliver search resultsfaster.

In Microsoft Exchange- and Outlook-connected RightFaxenvironments, the majority of inbound faxes are routed as PDFs to a user’sOutlook account. Faxes routed as normal PDFs are basically fax images embeddedin a PDF file, thus limiting the ways in which you can work with thisinformation. There is no option to copy or search text while in the PDF.

You can use the Microsoft Search Service and the RightFax Searchable PDFModule together to gain this functionality.

This solution enables users to search and retrieve data directly from the faxdocument, giving instant access to information including:

  • Purchase order (PO) numbers
  • Product numbers
  • Case numbers
  • Financial services transaction numbers


The OpenText RightFax Searchable PDF Module enables users to search for basiccontent in fax messages. This means:

  • No complex OCR, DMS or archiving solutions required for basic full-text OCRsearch
  • Use your exisiting Outlook search tool to find and retrieve data fromfaxes


If the basic full-text RightFax OCR search capability does not meet therequirements for your business solution, you have other options. A RightFaxserver can be extended by other OpenText applications, or even third-partyapplications. Some of the OpenText applications include:

  • OCR: OpenText Capture Center (OCC) applies document recognitionfunctionality to classify document types (e.g. to determine if a fax is aninvoice, insurance claim, order entry, application form, customer feedback, orother defined document type). Capture Center then extracts business data fromthe digital image using Optical Character Recognition (OCR), IntelligentCharacter Recognition (ICR), and Intelligent Document Recognition (IDR).
  • BPM: OpenText MBPM (Metastorm BPM) is the industry-leading solutionfor rapid design and deployment of process solutions for mission criticalbusiness applications. It delivers the insight, power and agility companies needto make their vision for business improvement a reality. To respond toincreasing competitive pressures, regulatory changes and customer demands,companies today are looking for ways not only to increase their effectivenessand efficiency but also to become more capable of change than they aretoday.
  • Archiving: OpenText Alchemy manages all faxed documents and data in anelectronic file cabinet; a document system that lets you securely file, archiveand find every document, regardless of its original source.


The RightFax Searchable PDF Module in combination with MSOutlook fits seamlessly into Outlook-related process handling and gives usersbetter control over their fax content.

This simple-to-implement solution is limited to full-text OCR and, alone, cannot verify or classify documents. But if data capture and processing is a keyneed, the logical extension here is OpenText Capture Center. OCC includes allthe necessary functionality for an extensive OCR solution for enabling a morecomplex inbound fax workflow.

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Lisa Grankowski

Lisa is in the OpenText Business Network Marketing team.

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