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Faster, Higher, Stronger: OT Archiving Test Results

Guest post by Paul Briggs, Senior Product Marketing Manager, OpenText

In the spirit of the upcoming London Olympic Games, we decided to title this post “Faster, Higher, Stronger” to represent OpenText’s mission to deliver industry-leading product performance. OpenText continually runs performance testing of our software integrating with key partner platforms. Earlier this year, OpenText and Microsoft conducted performance and scalability testing on the email monitoring and records management components of the OpenText ECM Suite running on Microsoft SQL Server 2012 data-management software. See the record setting results here OpenText on SQL Results.

More recently, testing with IBM and HP benchmarked OpenText Archive Server’s performance on hardware from partners running write/retrieval operations of SAP data and documents. The results are good news for customers running OpenText Extended ECM for SAP across a variety of server environments including IBM and HP.

Businesses running SAP rely on OpenText Archive Server as part of the OpenText Enterprise Content Management (ECM) Suite for efficiently storing and retrieving large volumes of fixed content. These solutions help reduce storage costs and improve system performance by archiving SAP application data and documents in one central repository. This also gives users quick and easy retrieval, sharing, forwarding and reuse of content in the correct business context, and according to strict compliance demands.

IBM: Archive Server Testing on IBM Power7 Servers

At the IBM Innovation Center in Ehningen, Germany, OpenText achieved top marks for Archiving and Lifecycle Management scaling on IBM Power7 servers. Testing scenarios focused on SAP document archiving and lifecycle management, showing that customers could save as much as 90% in long-term storage costs. That’s based on Archive Server’s very high write/retrieval performance on the IBM Power7 platform and support for inexpensive tape storage solutions. Let’s look at those two areas in more detail:

Performance: Document Throughput

For archiving documents out of SAP to hard disk, OpenText Archive Server achieved a throughput of 1.8 million documents per hour. That was based on a 20 kb file size running on a 1 Gbit / s network bandwidth. At 500 kilobytes, approximately 800,000 documents per hour were archived, capped by the network bandwidth limit.

What does that mean in real world terms? SAP documents typically average no more than 250 kb. So customers can expect well over one million archived documents per hour with continuous encryption of data transmission. In a continuous 10-hour day, that equates to between 10 and 15 million SAP documents that can be archived. This figure is much higher for serving read accesses to the Archive Server with disk based storage systems. These dramatic throughput levels mean that customers can deploy a single Archive Server to meet their needs with capacity to spare. In this time of squeezed IT budgets, this is the type of news customers love to hear.

Not only does this performance level keep archive server requirements to a minimum, customers can also utilize existing tape infrastructure with IBM Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM) or IBM System Storage Archive Manager.

Efficient Tape Support: Unique to OpenText Archive Server

Archiving of SAP documents in a secure and cost-effective near-line storage option like IBM TSM is a unique capability of OpenText Archive Server. The cost savings of tape storage is to 90% compared to other storage options.
OpenText Archive Server supports TSM with an intelligent algorithm for document reload from tape and sorting reload according to sequence of tape. This eliminates unnecessary seeks on tape/tape changes, and minimal wear and tear of tape.

HP: Archive Server Testing on HP ProLiant DL580 G7 servers

Working in conjunction with HP, OpenText conducted the testing in May 2012 at the HP Partner Technology Access Lab based in Houston, Texas. The test environment was run on an HP Converged Infrastructure, including HP ProLiant DL580 G7 servers. The test configuration was designed by OpenText, HP and SAP to prove the performance capabilities of a system designed from the ground up to:

• Provide a holistic, value-based and integrated approach to managing enterprise content
• Reduce risk by enabling better management of governance and compliance
• Lower both operational costs and the total cost of ownership (TCO) of an ECM solution
• Extend the value of the SAP® Business Suite to enable business transformation

OpenText surpassed the SAP certification requirements. All functional requirements of the ArchiveLink test were fulfilled and the ArchiveLink load test showed a performance well above the required KPIs. Additional tests independent from SAP showed an even higher performance.

The strong performance results underline the strength and scalability of a single Archive Server instance on HP ProLiant servers, and give OpenText and HP customers the confidence of deploying an SAP certified enterprise-ready solution. SAP customers can store ~10 million documents a day (at 10 hours/day operations) on a single Archive Server.

High Volume Archiving: Industry Examples

What these performance benchmarks show is the ability for OpenText Archive Server to handle massive volumes of data, increasingly typical in many industries today. Tens of millions of archived documents may seem a tad astronomical, but it’s the reality for certain transaction-heavy industries. Here are a few examples:

Telco: Millions of monthly bills are met with customer inquiries in the following few days after issue. Call center employees receiving those engagements require a fast and easy retrieval of archived items to access data and solve issues for customers.

Banking:High performance when reading archived documents is also critical for end user scenarios in banking. More than 400,000 simultaneous online banking sessions are common in Europe, each requiring unique authentication identifiers.

Pharma: In industries like Pharmaceuticals, documents are very large comparatively. These docs contain extensive documentation to support rigorous regulatory compliance and volumes of testing prior to product release.

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