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This year’s OpenText Enterprise World conference is better than ever! I am looking forward to a great week ofcollaborating with customers and partners in Orlando. There is somuch going on that I wanted to highlight some of the ECM focused partsoftheevent.

Training Sessions:Sunday through Tuesday offers over 30 ECM related training courses. Youcan sign up to learn more about key areas of the portfolio includingadministration, upgrading, records management, developing extensionswith WebReports and ActiveView, and more. Whatever your role or thestate of your ECM implementation, there are training sessions for you.Check out the schedule and register for session

Partner Summit: Monday and Tuesday are partner days with keynotes from our executives and partner leadership team. Theykeynotes will be followed by ECM and Discovery breakout sessions thatwill zero in on the topics you have requested. ECM and Discoverystrategy and products, sales tips and resources will be the focus. We’relooking forward to discussions with individual partners on theirspecific issues and requests.

Techie Tuesday: We’ve listened to your input! This day has been added to specifically address your requests for more in-depth technical sessions on key topics. These are 90-minute technical deep dives on key topicsthat will help both customers and partners enhance their current andfuture ECM implementations. Topics include: new ways to integrate withECM APIs and UI Widgets, Customizing ECM with WebReports and ActiveView,and advice on scaling and deploying large ECM projects in the cloud oron premise.

There are also topics listedin other areas that could be of interest to ECM technical peopleincluding Discovery–Content Migration 101 and Building applications withInfoFusion, in addition to the AppWorks sessions. All these sessionsprovide a great opportunity for both customers and partners to learn andconnect with OpenText product team experts.

Enterprise World Keynotes: Wednesday and Thursday morning will provide a set of entertaining and informative keynote presentations from Mark Barrenchea, Muhi Mahzoub, Kevin Cochrane, partners, customers and our very special guest speaker, William Shatner. They’ll be discussing the latest innovations…plus a whole lot more. I can’t give too much away, but I can tell you, you won’t want to miss these sessions!
The ECM Track keynote promises to be exciting, educational, and enlightening. John Mancini, President of AIIM, will speak about Information Governance and why it’s imperative that you act now. Nic Carter, lead Product Manager for ECM, will detail key innovations within the ECM portfolio, and we will be joined by a customer and partner who will share their business challenges and how they addressed Information Governance with ECM. This keynote will set you up for the remainder of the sessions within the event, both from a business and technical viewpoint.

ECM Breakouts: There are many ECM sessions on Wednesday afternoon in the ECM and Discovery tracks. ECM will also be highlighted and integrated within the IX, BPMand CEM tracks. Our most popular sessions are back Content Server, RM,Email Management, Workflow and Enterprise Connect. In addition, thereare panel sessions where customers share their insights and breakoutsthat help with building applications, integrating with ERP systems, andimplementing in the cloud. I strongly recommend you check out thebreakouts in all the tracks as you will find sessions that will help with both your ECM and Information Governance goals.

Tech Talks
:Do you want to spend time with our product experts, ask questions aboutyour implementation, and share feedback directly with them? These set of sessions are held in a less formal environment and are designed to let you dojust that. The Enterprise Connect team will be there, as well as theWebReports/ActiveView team, OTDS, Search, Security Clearance, Archive,and Content Server upgrade and deployment specialists.

Innovation Sessions: If you are looking to discuss broader issues with your peers, you will love this track. These sessions take innovative approaches to understanding and brainstorming on business issues around the Information Enterprise. There are always surprises and great discussions in these sessions.

Industry Breakouts: Thursday we focus on industry specific solutions and implementations.There are quite a few sessions that cover ECM implementations andproducts. Hear from customers and product teams about innovations andimplementations in Public Sector, Energy, Finance, Life Sciences andMedia/Entertainment. These breakouts are a great place to meet with andhear from your industry peers and share best practices.

Expo: In the Expo area there will be pods staffed by product experts where you can see demos and ask specific questions. There will be an ECM lab where you can see an integrated demonstration featuring a number of new innovations. In addition, there are some fun games such as the WebReports and ActiveView team contest. If you are not in a session, the Expo is the place to be to get quality time with the product experts!
Innovation Lab: Do you want to get hands on with innovations that aren’t yet released and be part of shaping their direction? Sign up early for a time at the Innovation Lab to spend time in the design process for planned innovations. We need your feedbackandyou’ll have some fun with it.

Networking and meetings:This is some of the best time at Enterprise World. It’s your chance tomeet with the OpenText team, your peers and other similar organizations.Take advantage of every opportunity to meet with us. Whether you are acustomer, prospective customer, or partner, we look forward to thechance to meet with you at this event. We learn from every meeting andthis helps us to better understand your business.

It’s going to be an educational, informative and fun week at Enterprise World this year. I can’t wait to see you there!

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Lynn Elwood

Lynn is VP Cloud & Services Solutions. A Computer Scientist by training, Lynn is focused on bringing software and services together with cloud, on-premises and hybrid options to provide measurable benefits for organizations around the world.

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