Enterprise World: Analytics Workshop Takes You From Zero to Power User in 3 Hours

One of the great things about OpenText™ Analytics Suite is its ease of use. In less than three hours, you can go from being an absolute beginner to creating dynamic, interactive, visually appealing reports and dashboards. That’s even enough time to become a “citizen data scientist,” using the advanced functionalities of our Analytics Suite to perform sophisticated market segmentation and make predictions of likely outcomes and customer behavior.

Analytics WorkshopSo by popular demand, we’re bringing back our Hands-On Analytics Workshop at Enterprise World 2017, July 10-13 in Toronto. The workshop comprises three 50-minute sessions on Tuesday afternoon, July 11.

Just bring your laptop, connect to our server, and get started with a personalized learning experience. You can attend the sessions individually – but for the full experience, you’ll want to attend all three.

Learn how businesses and nonprofits use OpenText Analytics to better engage customers, improve process and modernize their operations by providing self-service analytics to a wide range of users across a variety of use cases. This three-part workshop is also valuable for users of OpenText™ Process Suite, Experience Suite, Content Suite, and Business Network.

Here’s what to expect in each segment:

1. ANA-200: Learning the Basics of OpenText Analytics Suite

This demo-packed session serves as an introduction to the series, and will arm you with all you need to know about the OpenText Analytics Suite, including use cases, benefits and customer successes, as well as a deep dive into product features and functionality. Through a series of sample application demonstrations, you will learn how OpenText Analytics can meet any analysis requirement or use case, including yours! This session serves as a perfect lead-in for the next 2 sessions: ANA-201 and ANA-202.

2. ANA-201 Hands-On Workshop: Using Customer Analytics to Improve Engagement

This hands-on session will introduce the advanced and predictive analysis features of the Analytics Suite by walking you through a customer analysis scenario using live product. Connect from your own laptop to our server and begin segmenting customer demographics, discovering cross-sell opportunities and predicting customer behavior, all in minutes – no expertise needed in data science or statistics. You will learn how OpenText Analytics can provide valuable insights into customers, processes and operations, improving how you engage and do business.

3. ANA-202 Hands-On Workshop: Working with Dashboards to Empower Your Business Users

This hands-on session will introduce the dashboarding and reporting features of OpenText Analytics by walking you through a self-service scenario where you create and share dashboards completely from scratch. Connect from your laptop to our server and see just how easy it is to assemble interactive data visualizations that allow users to filter and pivot the information any way they wish, in just a matter of minutes! You will learn how OpenText makes it easy for any user to analyze and share information, regardless of their technical skill.

Of course, we have plenty of other interesting sessions about OpenText Analytics planned for Enterprise World. Get a sneak peek at product road maps, exciting new features (including developments in Magellan, our cognitive software platform), and innovative customer use cases for the OpenText Analytics Suite. Plus, get tips from experts, immerse yourself in technical details, and network with peers, and enjoy great entertainment.

Click here for more details about attending Enterprise World. See you in Toronto!

Mark Gamble

Mark is a Senior Director in Technical Marketing for OpenText Analytics.

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