Enterprise World 2014 Invites you to Experience Greatness!

Customer Experience , as defined in Wikipedia, is the sum of all experiences a customer has with a supplier of goods and/or services over the duration of their relationship with that supplier. In today’s world, this experience can make or break a business. At OpenText we strive to provide our customers with a platform and applications that allow them to deliver great Customer Experiences to their audiences, buyers and stakeholders.

Enterprise World provides the perfect venue to come together and share vibrant stories of greatness. In fact our theme for this year’s Customer Experience Management track is called: Experience Greatness! This post will help you navigate greatness in products , ROI,
peer discussions and technical how-to’s.

CEM Sessions on Wednesday & Thursday

We have over 35 CEM session and activities to help you experience greatness.

Keynotes : We begin the day with Main Stage Keynotes from guest speakers and OpenText Executive Leadership. Right after lunch, we will host a mini-keynote session centered on the Experience Suite, where we have organized a “View on CEM” for you. The mini-keynote will tease you with discussions that will continue into more in-depth breakout sessions.

It’s Time for Action: Lessons in Delivering Great Digital Experiences from across the world.

• How are digital channels changing expectations and how should organizations respond?

• Are social media efforts like the ALS “Ice Bucket Challenge” creating emotional connections that others should follow?

• Beyond satisfaction: what is it that makes customers loyal?

• What can we learn from companies that consistently ‘wow’ their customers?

• Next steps: how should you invest to meet Digital Transformation initiatives?

Breakouts : After the mini-keynote, we will have 4 CEM tracks running simultaneously.

The 4 track themes each cover important facets that are needed to help build a great experience:

Track 1: Great Omni Channel Communications

Great communication is an art form. Hear from other organizations how they were able to design,
develop and deploy rich omni-channel Communications: personalize and target invoices, email, webpages, receipts, documents and more to improve interaction with you anytime, anywhere and across any device.

Track 2: Great Adaptive Content

Information is an instrument for communication in every organization;
dynamically tuning it for each individual’s preference is the heart of Adaptive content. This track will highlight how organizations like yours are accessing information from multiple sources to share the most effective content based on user preference.

Track 4: Great Experiences

With the rise in Digital Transformation projects, many organizations are looking at how to create, curate and manage media, web, documents,
social and any other digital assets to deliver the most compelling Digital Experience possible. Looking for ideas in digital marketing, customer self-service, supply chain distribution? Hear how other companies have deliver seamless, comprehensive information flows – creation, publication, distribution, analysis and archiving of content to formulate a great experience.

Track 4: Great Responsiveness

This track will highlight the importance of creating a responsive web and mobile experience that is consistent, compelling and engaging. Adaptive content delivers experiences that are device agnostic, but only a Responsive system can adjust as users switch between devices and channels.

Each track is designed to stimulate conversation and interaction with the audience on a variety of topics. Whether you want to continue the technical discussion or look for business oriented sessions, we have something just for you. Each of the 4 themed tracks above are broken into the following focus areas to help you narrow down to your most relevant area of interest.

  • CEM – Experience Strategy – Market leading companies will share their strategic views on topics such as; how best to find the balance between adopting new digital channels and consistency across existing channels.
  • CEM –Experience Insight It’s all about the metrics. These sessions will provide insights into measurable activities such as;
    how to best make your customer experience seamless and responsive across the multitude of devices that both businesses and consumers use; or how to improve on your customer engagement.
  • CEM – Experience Best Practices – In these sessions, you will hear direct from the practitioners who will offer their tips and advice on things like;
    how best to use HTML5 to improve the user experience; or how to optimize social collaboration for positive business impact.
  • CEM – Experience Case Studies – What better way to bring the strategy, metrics and implementation to life than through real-life scenarios? OpenText customers share their stories such as a government’s ability to cement the citizen experience with social media capabilities.
  • CEM – Roadmap – Upgrade Path Product Management will share their vision for the next releases of our Experience Suite family of products, including Tempo Social, Portal, WEM, CCM and Media Management sessions. Hear how you can upgrade to the full Experience Suite and take advantage of this new integrated platform.

Innovation and CEM Labs and Meetings

Back by popular demand… don’t forget to stop by the expo hall and check out the latest Customer Experience Management information workflow (we like to call the CEM LAB) . Here you will find the process of creating, managing, sharing and publishing content all visible in one location. Can’t make it through the whole story in one sitting, don’t worry, we’ll have a time table set that you can pop in and out as often as you can to see it all.

  • Expo Hall: WEM, Tempo Social, Portal, Media Management, Customer Communication Management and WSM pods.
  • CEM LAB: Get your hands on (and give feedback to) the new UX designs for CEM products .
  • Meet the Experts: Just in case you want some 1-1 time with our engineers, product managers,
    support or services staff on site, you can request meeting times with your favorite experts.

As you can see, in addition to the great entertainment we have in store for you (announcing soon) , there are many different activities to partake in over the course of the week.

Make sure to keep an eye on this community as my next post will talk about the great customers that are coming to join us and share thier stories.

Take a look back at last year’s event here.



Kimberly Edwards

Kimberly is a Product Marketing Director for OpenText.

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