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Enfuse shines spotlight on AI, analytics and machine learning

Can you imagine living today without a mobile phone or not using the internet? Well, we are rapidly approaching a time where you will feel the same thing about working without the benefits of artificial intelligence (AI).

AI, Machine Learning and related technologies such as deep learning, are already revolutionizing work in business, the legal profession, law enforcement, government and other areas. The future will bring even bigger and more dramatic changes. So, whatever your profession, you’ll want to stay up to date on the latest AI developments and techniques that are applicable to your line of work to stay relevant

This year’s Enfuse conference, set for November 11–14 in Las Vegas, shines its biggest spotlight ever on AI. For the first time, Enfuse will feature a full dedicated track on analytics, AI and machine learning, with different sessions targeted at legal professionals, law enforcement authorities, information security teams, government officials, forensic investigators and more. Whether you’re on the front lines in any of these professions, or an executive overseeing an entire organization, you’ll want to check out as many talks and demonstrations as possible to stay informed and ahead of the competition.

Enfuse 2019 will focus on intelligent technologies that can help you now – not speculative, Skynet-type stuff. And, the sessions will primarily be geared towards business users and general professionals, so you won’t need to be a data scientist to understand what’s going on.

You’ll learn a lot about how AI can improve security through smarter, faster threat detection and response. You’ll also discover how the technology paves the way for easier compliance with privacy regulations like Europe’s GDPR and the California Consumer Privacy Act, both of which set strict expectations for how organizations manage personally identifiable information.

We’re especially looking forward to a session on Wednesday, Nov. 13, “How AI, Machine Learning & Analytics are Changing Security Visibility, Detection and Response,” led by 451 Research co-founder and research vice president Nick Patience. The session will cover where analytics and machine learning are having the most impact on security today, and what you need to know to separate fact from fiction.

Later that same day, I’ll be hitting the stage with our developer community director Virgil Dodson to discuss the “Top Applications of AI, Machine Learning, & Analytics for Law Enforcement, Government and Enterprise”. We’ll cover some of the leading use cases for those technologies, and present demos and examples to illustrate how they can start making a practical difference in your organization today. There are just so many high-stakes applications where your data can be of immeasurable value.

Other AI/analytics highlights at this year’s Enfuse include sessions on demystifying data science, digital forensic investigations, concepts and best practices, the latest strategies for e-discovery, and intelligent process automation with AI. You’ll also learn how OpenText technologies are making work easier, faster and more secure across industries ranging from financial services to life sciences and the public sector.

Advances in analytics and artificial intelligence enable us to do so many things that weren’t possible just a few years ago. I hope you’ll join us at Enfuse 2019 to explore this amazing new world of data-driven possibilities.


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