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Is your mobile workforce integrated into your IT based business processes? Can maintenance engineers look up data, order parts and enter job details directly at maintenance sites? Does your delivery staff need to get signatures for delivered items? Do you need to notify workers about their next task? Do you want your Sales team to submit orders right at the customer site? Do your mobile workers need to take photos of work sites and submit them to headquarters? Do you need to track the GPS position of mobile workers for further processing? There are endless scenarios where organizations can benefit from mobile IT solutions.

Mobile infrastructure

Mobile network infrastructure is at a point where high speed network access is available everywhere. And mobile devices like smartphones and tablets have internal databases and file storage capabilities that enable developers to create offline capable apps without problems. Technically there is no reason to exclude your mobile workforce in your IT processes today, and create a more efficient organization and a better, more responsive customer experience.

Mobile workforce app development best practices

All this can be easily done with low effort app development and usage of mobile devices like smartphones, phablets and tablets. The development effort for mobile workforce apps can be kept quite low when using multi-platform development tools like OpenText™ Gupta TD Mobile. Other than Apple and Google’s native development tools which require high effort platform dependent coding, TD Mobile offers development of mobile workforce apps for all mobile platforms from one source code, empowering organizations to develop mobile workforce apps that work on any mobile device at a small budget.

Integrate mobile workforce apps into your IT infrastructure

TD Mobile workforce apps can easily connect to any of your backend IT systems. Using the no-coding database access feature, developers can configure database access to all SQL and NoSQL databases without actually writing any code. If you are using a Web Service or REST service layer for your business logic, TD Mobile can easily access these services as well. Integrating business logic from SAP, SalesForce and OpenText AppWorks is easy as well.

The data communication with the datacenter and the binding of backend-values to visual objects is automatic as well. TD Mobile is built to automate and reduce the development effort of mobile apps as much as possible.

Mobile workforce apps require strong security and integration with office security systems. With TD Mobile all data communication between the data-center and the mobile device can be configured as strongly SSL encrypted. At the backend TD Mobile can interact with any security provider as LDAP and Microsoft Active Directory to force sign-on via corporate standards.

Smartphones and tablets contain a host of device features like camera, GPS sensor, accelerometer, fingerprint reader and many software features and apps like the contacts database, email, notifications and much more. Developers crafting apps using TD Mobile can easily access the device and software features of smartphones and tablets. The built-in camera can be used to decode barcodes, the GPS feature can be used to detect the current position, notifications can be sent to an app user, to for example send the next work order. The possibilities of integrating device features are endless only limited by a developer’s imagination.

Many organizations have grown international and require mobile workforce apps to adopt to local language. Using OpenText Gupta TD Mobile development teams can build multi-lingual apps from scratch. All required UX languages can be provided in one single app source. At application runtime the app chooses the language to use based on the current locale of the device.

Native app deployment and Web app deployment

TD Mobile apps can be deployed as native Android, iOS and Windows Phone apps. Developers can easily monetize their efforts as native apps can be deployed through the Apple AppStore, Google Play store and the Windows store. Apple and Google enterprise deployment options can be used to deploy internal workforce apps.

Additionally or alternatively TD Mobile apps can be deployed as Web apps allowing to run them on any device that hosts a Web browser. This comes in very handy when the app needs to be used on desktop computers that use Windows, Linux or MacOS operating systems.

If you are still using paper-based processes for your mobile workforce it is time to rethink and integrate your mobile workforce into your IT systems giving them access to anything they need from anywhere to increase efficiency and speed up internal processes, increase efficiency and such providing a better more responsive customer experience.

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Martin is an experienced Product Marketing Manager with long history in designing and marketing development and database software, marketing remote access software including launching the first Windows software development IDE and Windows database. He's a keen content contributor to OpenText social channels.

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