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Effective, Mobile and In Control

For your company to efficiently deliver a great customer experience you need to be efficient when maintaining your online presence (web, social etc.),
you need to be able to communicate efficiently with your customers and at the same time remain control over your brand.

Let’s first have a look at delivering an online presence efficiently. What does that involve? So, for me it should be easy to create and edit content. It should be easy to maintain content in different languages. Have a look at how to best support that in this webinar about Multilingual Customer Experience,

Everything created should automatically be made responsive, meaning that the content is available for different devices, without any manual work being needed.

It does not matter which touch point your customer choose, the customer experience should always remain the same over different devices but also different formats. If your customer so decides to print your entire web, it should still look as intended AND at the same time,
for the person creating the content, it should still be easy and efficient to maintain.

As mentioned earlier, big data is causing problems for your customers. They have too much data and information to digest. Help them by delivering only the information they want by targeting content on your web site. They key is to make the customer feel like you have a personal relationship. A company that does this really well is Apple. One of the reasons they also took the first place on the “most valued brands” list.

Communicate efficiently

So far I have talked about online experience; your web, social and mobile channels. When it comes to customer experience ALL communication that you have with your customers should be included. Including customer documents like invoices, order confirmations, account statements. Where you mix transactional data coming from your backend system, with marketing campaigns. Or other correspondence,
for example when Customer Service writes a letter to a customer based on an earlier conversation.

All this communication is part of your customer experience. It does not matter if it’s digital or on paper. It is still part of your customer experience. Give our award winning campaign a try and see for yourself:

Your brand and your message to your customer should remain the same independent on channel, format or type of contact.

Control your brand

To be able to control your brand while supporting all aspects of customer experience within your company, it’s essential that you have your assets in order. Companies spend a lot of marketing money on recreating digital assets just because they fail to find them when needed.

According to IDC we spend 56% of our time to search for information and 9% of the times we don’t even find what we are looking for!

When you get your web content streamlined with your customer communication and a central repository for your digital assets you have come a great way when it comes to managing your customer experience. You can then with ease pass control over to marketing. Making them less dependent on IT to manage the customer experience.

How does your company regain efficiency, how does your company regain control in a constantly changing world?

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