eDiscovery enhancements yield efficiency gains in new OpenText Axcelerate release

Integrations, compatibility and usability enhancements are hallmarks of Axcelerate 5.14

In eDiscovery, review efficiency is about the (seemingly) little things. Resolving issues quickly, keeping reviewers consistent, assigning the right reviewers to the right batches, minimizing scrolling in tagging panels, and more – these all add up to an intuitive and efficient review experience. OpenText Axcelerate 5.14, part of OpenText Release 16, EP4, features incremental enhancements designed to empower users to optimize the benefits they gain from Axcelerate’s advanced analytics and continuous machine learning on every matter.

New usability features to streamline review processes

In Axcelerate 5.14, case managers preparing assignments for reviewers can now Sort and Filter with dynamic counts – # Documents, # Reviewed, and % Reviewed computations. This functionality helps case managers better comprehend reviewer performance and efficiency, allowing them to distribute assignments more effectively and to understand the review process with a holistic view.

Users also can now discuss decisions about documents in a separate Discussion Panel, as seen in the image below. This helps ensure alignment and efficiency in the review process amongst different document reviewers.

Additionally, users can now Search by Relationship by using field-based search to expand or refine a search result based on associated document relationship—dupes, near dupes, email thread, end-of-branch email, family, etc. For example, a reviewer could remove all duplicates from a search result to maintain just one representative of each duplicate set for review. Alternatively, the reviewer could include all documents related to a particular email thread in a search, for more complete results.

Enhanced integrations to enable greater compatibility

New cloud to cloud connectors for Microsoft® Exchange® and SharePoint® enable Axcelerate users to more easily and seamlessly load and review Microsoft Exchange and SharePoint data, without having to pull that data to an on-premise tool first. Further, Axcelerate 5.14 supports collecting versioned documents in SharePoint too, enabling users to view and manage documents as they evolve. This is particularly valuable when an earlier version of a document may be more useful than later versions.

Further, Axcelerate 5.14 includes a document viewer upgrade to OpenText Brava! 16.2 for conversions and productions. This viewer upgrade means that the platform now has compatibility with Microsoft Edge, to ensure that users can work across almost any browser application and the latest technology. Besides this, Brava! includes great redaction capabilities, such as the ability to auto-redact PII.


Brava!’s embedding into Axcelerate demonstrates how OpenText’s suite of different products complement each other, with the 2018 Ovum Market Radar for eDiscovery even touting:

A major advantage for OpenText is its extensive portfolio of products and the ability to embed features from one product into another.

With all of this technology, such as Axcelerate, BRAVA!, and EnCase, now under one roof, OpenText truly owns its technology end-to-end and is positioned to deliver a seamless experience for our customers.

Big things to come

Looking ahead to our upcoming Axcelerate 5.15 release, we will implement new enhancements enabling users to capitalize on document families and threads even further, to ensure accuracy and speed up review. Axcelerate 5.15 will also feature further Brava! viewer enhancements to provide better and faster performance.

We are working to take OpenText product integrations even further, bringing together OpenText EnCase with Axcelerate as part of our vision for seamless enterprise discovery, from collection to production.

More Axcelerate updates to come at Enfuse 2018

See Axcelerate in action at Enfuse 2018, the largest gathering of cybersecurity, eDiscovery and forensic investigations professionals! We’ll be presenting live demos of Axcelerate and EnCase as well as certification courses and educational workshops. Register today!

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