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EDI Benefits – Hard facts now available!

EDI has helped simplify and improve commerce between trading partners for years and its benefits continue as it improves more business processes such as electronic procurement, automated receiving, electronic invoicing, and electronic payments.

EDI can reduce the cost of personnel and office space, improve data quality, speed up business cycles, improve efficiency, and provide strategic business benefits.

Sometimes, in order to make a decision to embark on a new EDI program or expand their current EDI projects, companies seek quantitative data to educate their executive teams and drive a more holistic understanding of the EDI processes and benefits for the greater organization. They want hard facts that answer questions such as:

  • How many days earlier can orders be shipped when EDI is used for the ordering process?
  • What are the actual cost savings that companies realize when they use EDI Advance Ship Notices (ASNs)?
  • What are the actual cost savings that companies realize when they use barcode labels or RFID tags?
  • What are the top challenges that businesses face when EDI is not used as part of the ordering process?
  • How do supplier companies really benefit when they comply with their customers’ requests to exchange business documents via EDI?

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